New support community on World of Amulets

New support community on World of Amulets

We created a new exciting community for all things related to magic, amulets, spells and rituals. You can join us if you like and learn more about this incredible powerful world:

Customer Support:

To join the customer support community you need to answer the questions that are presented to you when asking for access and at least 1 order number from our official site or from our etsy shop

Forum of World of Amulets:

The forum is open to all and where you can post your questions and discuss magic and amulets with other visitors

Marketplace where you can buy or sell from other people:

Here you can sell your spiritual and esoteric items to our World of Amulets friends and clients. This marketplace is strictly moderated to prevent spam and scams.


The Terra Incognita members forum.

This is strictly for members only. To join this society you must be a member of Terra Incognita. You will need your membership number to join. This number can be found on your membership credentials card.

We hope you enjoy them and use them as much as you can on your path to higher conscience and power