World of amulets is the largest marketplace dedicated to esoteric, spiritual and magical products and services.

Over 50.000 visitors browse our shop every month in search of special products like yours. We provide multilanguage support in over 100 languages.

What are the advantages of selling your products on World of Amulets?

Since we started a little over 3 years ago, World of Amulets has become the world's nº1 reference for magical and esoteric items to buyers all over the world.
Thousands of clients have bought items in our shop and now we want to make these clients available to you. 
  • Our dedicated sales team promotes your products and services worldwide through our site, ads and social media giving you a huge advantage over your competitors.
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  • Our CRM team can help you optimize your listings by performing A/B tests to increase your revenue.
  • We send weekly emails to our customer featuring new products, including yours, for FREE.
  • Our abandoned carts notifications have a 15% ctr (more than double the average of other shops)
  • We sell your items worldwide unless you state otherwise in over 100 languages. Imagine what this can do for your revenue.
  • Our youtube channel will feature your shop for free
  • Your products will be featured for free on our Facebook fanpage
  • Upload a csv file with all your products
  • Optional: Import your etsy, woocommerce or prestashop products in a few clicks.

What can you sell on World of Amulets?

You can sell all products and services or digital downloads related to the spiritual and esoteric world.

What do we expect from you as a seller on world of amulets?

Before you can start to sell we will review all accounts. Only professionals are allowed to sell on World of Amulets. At all times we protect our customers and sellers so we will need you to complete the signup form and you have 10 days to list your first product. If after 10 days you have not listed at least 1 product or service, youre account will be deactivated.

If you want to reach more customers and sell more products and services, open your free account and start selling in a few minutes.