The Top 10 Demons for Love, Relationships, Lust and Desire

The Top 10 Demons for Love, Relationships, Lust and Desire

There are many demons that can be used to fix a relationship, let someone fall in love with you, make your emotional ties stronger, get a lover back, have a perfect relationship but here we want to present you with the top 10 demons for love related issues.

  1. Astaroth
  2. Eligos
  3. Furfur
  4. Leraje
  5. Orobas
  6. Sallos
  7. Seere
  8. Sitri
  9. Vual
  10. Zepar

Let's take a look at each of them and the powers they hold so you can choose the one or ones that suits your needs:

  • Astaroth: This daemoness helps with friendship and love and is perfect for revealing hidden secrets when you are screening something or someone
  • Eligos: Causes love between people and reveals hidden secrets
  • Furfur:Furfur to increase the energy before a ritual and to increase love between a men and a woman. 
  • Leraje: Solves conflicts and turns bad relationships into the opposite
  • Orobas: He is one of the most faithful daemon and loves to work with people. Used for binding or cutting emotional attachments and to change opinions
  • Salos: to spark lust and desire in yourself and others
  • Seere: He will bring you a lot of abundance of a sudden and is also very much into lust, desire and sex
  • Sitri:This must be the most passionate of all. Used for sexual endeavors, passion, lust, sexual energy and stamina.
  • Vual: Daemon to attract the love of women
  • Zepar: Zepar makes women to love a men and also inspires lust and passion in them.

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