Why do money amulets don't work for most people

Why do money amulets don't work for most people Money amulets are extremely powerful and can help us to become very wealthy. But, many people are experiencing difficulties making the amulet work for them and soon dispatch these amulets as junk. In this aarticle i will try to explain the reasons this is happening and give you the tips you need to make your money amulet work for you as you never experienced before.

When talking about a money amulet, we are talking about a magical item that can help us achieve our goals but we need to know how to do this correctly.

Each amulet is embedded with very specific spirit energies which are very willing to help us. These are superior energies and one of the worst things you can do is trying to command them around as if they were dogs. Surprisingly there are many people who have the idea that these spirits are slaves and must do what they say. This is one of the most common problems but it doesn't end here.

The next problem is specific for money and gambling amulets. As money represents different things to each person, the spirit energies don't know how to make "money" happen. For them it is something that doesn't exist. It is not something tied to a specific emotion or energy. To the spirits money is something inexistent, so they can not make this.

Let me go a little further on this.

Spirit energies can help manifesting things you would like to have or emotions you like to experience. Let me give you an example:

You would like to have a new car. This is very possible if you make your petition to the right spirit and as specific as possible. In this case the ritual would start by selecting the right spirit (in this case phaleg would be a good choise) and make your petition specific like this: I want a new car, a Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC , color red and new. This is a very specific petition to the right spirit with all possibilities to become true very soon.

If you use the gambling ring for example, don't ask: I want to make $100.000 because this wont't work. Use the Asmodeus gambling ring and ask for something specific you would like to buy with the $100.000. This is more likely to work for the same reasons as the money amulets.

Spirit energies are responsable for most things that happen in our lives. We can't see them, we can't hear them or touch them but they are all around us. Most of these energies are willing to help us but they need to be approached in the correct way. This is by offering a place for their energie in the form of an amulet or ring. Spirit energies like these type of vessels because it makes them be aware of the physical world amongst other reasons.

Each amulet or rings needs to be consecrated to the person who wants to work with these energies. This is done by a special ritual. For this rutual we use very specific days and hours, the full name, date of birth and place of the interested person so the connection is complete. When starting to wear the amulet or ring you need to give it a full lunar cycle (28days) so the amulet or ring can harmonize with your personal energies. From this moment the amulet will start helping you.

What to keep in mind:

  • Be respectful to the energies embedded in your amulet or ring
  • Don't command them around, be polite to them
  • Treat the amulet or ring as it deserves
  • Make your petitions clear and specific
  • Start with small goals and let the power build up little by little.
  • Don't let anyone touch your amulet (the energy will be contaminated and we will need to realign it)
  • In case of a ring there is no problem with people touching it

Extras you can do for your money amulet:

  • Spirits like offerings. Not one spirit likes blood offerings. Most of them like the same things we do (wine, fresh water, fruits, sweets, tobacco, and intense emotions)
  • Put the amulet outside during full moon nights to charge it