Astaroth, this daemoness helps with friendship and love and revealing hidden secrets

Astaroth is a day demoness so the ritual is best done between 12.00 – 3.00pm

Offerings: Laurel, Sandalwood, Steel

Corresponds to the sign of Capricorn

Our experience: This daemoness helps with friendship and love and is perfect for revealing hidden secrets when you are screening something or someone

Certain demonology authors say that Astaroth is the “grand duke of Hell”, in Latin America Astello is translated from the first demonic hierarchy, in which Beelzebub and Lucifer also belong.  In the Infernal Dictionary, Astaroth is drawn as a naked man with dragon hands and feet and a pair of feathered wings, wearing a crown, holding a snake with one hand and riding on a wolf or a dog with dragon wings.

According to Nahum Michaelis, he is a demon of the first hierarchy who seduces through laziness, vanity, rationalist philosophies of seeing the world and his adversary is St. Bartholomew, who can protect against him because he overcame the temptations of Astaroth. It inspires mathematicians, artisans, painters and other liberal artists, it can make men invisible, it can lead men to hidden treasures that have been buried by wizards’ spells and answer any questions asked in the form of letters and Numbers in many languages. One of the few creatures capable of manipulating the line of destiny, whether human or divine and knowledgeable about them.

According to Francis Barret, Astaroth is the prince of the accusers and inquisitors. According to some 16th-century demonologists, this demon’s attacks on humans are stronger during the month of August.

Astaroth currently exists in 7 direct energies, divided according to its hierarchy. Only one is the leader of the other 6. He is also called the King of the 7 crowns of the human being, of nature, of the spirits in his last reincarnation , of the feeling of the spirits, of the 7 spiritual paths of the soul to the body, of the total rest or elevation of the reincarnations of the human being, the latest numerology and the voice of the voices of love and souls. He is the first demon of nature, the only one that was not created in any kingdom. Today there is a man who is under the direct protection of Astaroth, who in turn claims to be a necromancer, has also rarely stated that he was not sent for any particular reason and that he is protected because “He wants it that way” In a few words he called himself as the justifier of the universe and souls. The first demon of nature, the first reincarnated human being. It is part of the trinity that make up the 3 dimensions … Lucifer, Belcebú and Astaroth … It also warns that there are bodies that are not of this time and that come by the blessed souls. It is a mission that has been found and is fulfilling defending us from abduction. “Your soul is yours and no one else … we can go together” is the last thing he has dictated. Of those who make up the trinity he is the only one born by and in nature, unlike Beelzebub and Lucifer

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