List of Powerful Female Demons in several cultures

List of Powerful Female Demons in several cultures

A list of the main female demons worldwide

It is known that most demons are male; however, there are many female demons that we can find in history. We can find powerful female demons in many mythologies around the world, like Lilith in the Sumero-Babylonian stories, Izanami in the Japanese ones, and the succubus in the medieval European relates.

All these demons have some interesting stories that we will tell you next, let’s take a look into some of these demons.


Perhaps the most famous female demon worldwide, she has appearances in many stories from many parts of the world.

In the Sumerian legends, she is the goddess of witchcraft, magic, and fertility, and all her believers venerated her. They mention her as an evil spirit with uncontrollable and dangerous sexuality. She is capable of fertilizing herself with the sperm of man that does not fertilize any women, in this way she is capable of bringing more demons to the world.

In the Judeo-Christian stories, they describe her as the first wife of Adam, who was created with him at the same time, when Adam tries to impose to her, but she refused to live under his rules. After this, she explored the world by herself, and in some of those adventures, she discovers the red sea, this place was the home of hordes of demons. There she met the demons and found out that she liked them even more than Adam so got children with them. These demon children called Lilim go to the outside world to live there, some of them becoming a succubus, as sexy and intelligent as their mom.

Silver Ring of Lilith

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It is the female version of the incubus and they are known as the lover demon because they approach men to have sex with them while they are sleeping. This story comes from medieval times when they described the succubus to be smart, sexy, and deadly demons that likes to take men as a toy to perform sexual games until they get angry.

The physical description of these demonesses these days are amazing curvy and voluptuous bodies, with silky skin, bat wings, curled horns, and eyes that shine even in the darkest night. However, in the original medieval stories, they were described as deformed creatures with terrible faces of gargoyles.

They have a seductive personality and can make men fall in love with their words as well as with their bodies, and if they get angry, they can be possessive and aggressive.

They will always be referenced as the sexy demons that will give men all the madness pleasure in the world in exchange of their lives sometimes. Therefore, it is common to see this demon in video games and sci-fi stories.


An old demon woman of the Japanese culture that lives inside a cave taking all the travelers to terrible ends. They describe her as an old woman with overlong platinum hair with an ugly face, many folklore stories say that they based her on an actual woman who lived in a town called Adachigahara. The stories say that she always brings a knife and a pot that she uses to slay their victims and then boil them to eat their body pieces.

Izanami no Mikoto

The goddess of creation and death in the Shinto Japanese mythology. She was in life the wife of the male Izanagi no Mikoto and then transformed into a demon after she died while bringing to this world the fire god Kagutsuchi, as a demon she descended to the Yomi the land of the demons where she had many children. In the relate her husband Izanagi go to the underworld to bring her back to life but instead of that, he was attacked by her and her band of demoness called Hags of Yomi, almost killing him.

She is a greatly popular demon because after her death she was the woman who created the world in the company of Izanagi no Mikoto.

Lady midday

This lady demon also called Poludnitsa comes from the Slavic stories, she is a demon who appears to the people in Eastern Europe. They describe her to wear a long white dress with a giant scythe. Her physical appearance is variable; she can be a beautiful youthful woman or appear as an ugly old person.

When she appears she asks some questions to her victims and if they fail in the answer or last too long, she will chop their heads off or make them go crazy with no remorse. Other of their spells is that she can afflict people with sickness and heart attacks, especially workers of the lands.


Is a Philippine mythology demon who is blamed for provoking a mortal disease called Bangungot. These demons live in trees and contact human beings when their tree is used to build a house. Its appearance is an old, ugly, huge, and fat woman that uses clothes made by three fibers.

This demon will private the humans from their sleeping time if they try to do it near the wood of their tree, and if they achieve to sleep, they will transform into their authentic form and kill them while they are sleeping. For this, the demoness will sit with their immense bodies in the chest of their victims until they suffocate them while they produce a terrible nightmare in the victim. However, it is said that you can go out of their nightmare if you bite your thumb or wiggle one toe.


In the Greek relates they tell the stories of these terrible demons called Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa. These female demons are daughters of the mother and father of all the demons in the Greek mythology, Echidna and Typhon. In their appearance, they are ugly women with hair replaced by snakes the lower part of their body is also the tail of a snake. They were known because anyone who dared to look directly into their eyes would be transformed to stone immediately.

As you could read, there are many demon women with incredible powers and stories.