Mammon,the money spirit, who is he, how to work with him

Mammon,the money spirit, who is he, how to work with him

Mammon,the money spirit, who is he, how to work with him

The power of Mammon is to help the sorcerer achieve great wealth, abundance and richess. This is very true as the 5 of us have had a lot of great experiences in this field by calling Mammon. All 5 of our team have received a lot of blessings by this demon.

The Most Powerful Mammon Amulets

The Ring of Mammon The Amulet of Mammon Summoning Pad Mammon
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Mammon is very strict and demanding. If you ask for material wealth and riches you will need to make rich offerings. The best offering for this daemon is Gold. Golden coins, pendants, necklaces, and so on. He will multiply each offering by 100 for the one who honors him.

He can only be called on Thursday, facing North. The first time he will ignore you. The second time he wil do a little bit to test you. If your offering is accepted by him he will start working for you as no other daemon does.

He is the first daemon who accepted to be consecrated in the sheet metal but only in Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel or Gold

The card of demon Mammon has both sides engraved. The front side shows the Seal of the Gatekeepers of hell and on the back you will find a detailed engraving with the sigil of demon Mammon, his direction, his element, planet and metal, together with a power sigil and a binding sigil. 

These Home alter cards are unique of their kind and can only be purchased through World of Amulets. (they are copyright protected) 

The Ring of Mammon

This special silver ring for money with the sigil of Mammon is perfect for all money, abundance, richess and wealth related issues in business. Call upon Mammon by wearing his ring and he will help you to become rich through your business endeavours.

The great spirit Mammon is an expert in Money matters and he can help you obtain wealth and richess.

Mammon is an earth spirit, very linked to earthly matters like money, precious metals and gems. This incredible spirit will help you obtain wealthy matters. The special lapel pin of spirit Mammon will attract people and situations that benefit your economical situation. Results depend on how much you wear the pin but are usualy obtained within 3 - 7 days. Start working with Mammon today and be surprised by his incredible powers