Odin, Father of all the Gods

Odin, Father of all the Gods

Odin is considered the leader of the Aesir gods according to Norse mythology. He is the god of war, death, wisdom, poetry, and magic. He is the son of the god Bor and the giantess Bestla and has two brothers: Vili and Vé. He was called The Great Father

He is depicted as a middle-aged man with long curly silver hair and a long beard. His weapon, called Gungnir, was a trident made for him by the dwarves. He was frequently accompanied by two ravens named Hugin and Munin (which each mean "Thought" and "Memory").

He was considered the wisest god of all, but he still had to go through and overcome some very exhausting rites of passage. For example: he had to sacrifice his left eye to drink from the Mimir Spring and thus gain access to universal wisdom.

Therefore, Odin is the god of knowledge, past (thanks to the water he drank from Mimir's well), present (thanks to his two ravens and his throne) and future (thanks to the gift of seeing the destiny of men, which he taught him the goddess Freyja). In addition, he drank mead from poetry, becoming an inspiration to poets.

Odin is shown as a god who, on many occasions, gives shelter, shelter and encouragement to the trickster god par excellence, Loki, and who after the murder of his son Balder becomes one of his worst enemies. But before this was his companion of adventures, muddles and deceptions, directed many times against other gods, or against giants and dwarves to clearly appropriate their treasures or their properties.

He is a drag queen, capable of altering his shape to his liking. However, it is said that he likes to travel and see the world as an old one-eyed man, with a long robe and a gray beard. He wears a wide-brimmed dark blue peaked hat and a dark blue coat. With his Gungir spear as a staff, he acts in the world of men as an instigator of conflicts, which he achieves by simply throwing it between two people.

The god is also shown in the most fearsome way, appearing under the name of Wotan, a name that means "fury." Under this name is the Lord of the Berserker, warriors dominated by the fury of battle. This group of worshipers of Odin are the ones who in the eastern Germanic peoples, on the other side of the Rhine, have given rise to the myth of the werewolf over time.

In his warrior aspect, he commands on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir. Thus, he participates in the wild hunt (Åsgårdsreien), in which he, various gods and the Einherjar, his warriors who have fallen in battle, manifest themselves on the night of December 21 with a great noise of hooves and neighing and making a great noise. battle and a brutal hunting of animals to finally have a great feast on Yule day, which is December 22nd. He participates in it accompanied by his wife Frigg and his two wolves, Geri and Freki. And woe to that unsuspecting person who stumbles upon him, because he is incorporated into it never to return to the world of the living, but at least enjoying the paradisiac life in Asgard.

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