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Archangel Anael Amulet pendant. Use this archangel necklace for protection | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
Archangel Anael Amulet pendant. Use this archangel necklace for protection | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet

Archangel Anael Amulet pendant. Use this archangel necklace for protection


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The Pendant Archangel Anael is used to improve or find Love and Harmony in your life. If you are feeling lost or lacking love in your life, this is the perfect pendant to wear.

Available in Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver
diameter 35mm - 1,1811 inchThe Archangel Anael is also called Aniyel, Infiel, Hanael, Hannuel, Hamiel, Onofel and Aniel.

Anael is the angel of love and harmony. As regent of the Principality Choir, his main task is to inspire decisions to the responsible people that lead politically to entire towns.

This archangel tries by all means that world leaders get to see with the eyes of the soul and that love and harmony reign throughout the world. His highest intention is that humanity be full of good and love.

The Archangel Anael carries the light that becomes a guide. It is the signal that gets no person to get lost in the path of shadows.

Those people who invoke it find great creativity in the tasks they perform and manage to feel like the best workers in the world and achieve amazing and transcendent triumphs.

But in addition, its invocation helps to reach a state of unconditional happiness that is the grace of God, it directs those who seek to feel close to God, who is the true source of the joy and love of the soul.

He is identified with Venus, associated with the Goddess of Love, and embodies the ancient qualities of this goddess, such as the blessing of marriages and purity. Over time, the attributes of this goddess were changed, but in Anael they remain true to their primal essence.

The Archangel Anael helps to develop a better relationship with God, since it makes it possible to separate joy from circumstances, be they good or bad.

The Archangel Anael in the different religions

Anael is for some an archangel and for others an angel of love that helps to find not only romantic love but also self-love. This angel is not mentioned in the Bible, but it is part of the Cabala as a tradition in Judaism.

This archangel is mentioned in the Zohar as being in charge of Netzach or victory in the Tree of Life. In the Book of Enoch, Anael is mentioned as the angel who transported Enoch to heaven before he became a Metratron, the archangel scribe who sits on the throne of God.

The belief is that Anael is one of the angels who reigns in the Principalities and Virtues. In astrological symbology, this is the angel that rules the planet Venus and the sign of Capricorn.

Representation of the Archangel Anael

The Archangel Anael is represented with violet garments, which are a symbol of transmutation. But it is also related to dark green and bluish-white colors.

He is commonly represented smiling or laughing, for he is an angel of bliss. It is also aesthetically beautiful and sensual, for it is also the angel of love, the one who often carries a rose in his hands, referring to pure love and the beauty of a soul that has found God.

Anael has a lantern on, which represents the power to give light in whatever circumstance, to give happiness.

When as Anael is presented, it is pure glare, fire and has soothing green colors. It is identified with the Unicorn, symbol of Capricorn, and represents everything supernatural. It is the opening of the third eye that will illuminate the Earth.