Special Amulet of Archangel Gabriel - Limited Edition
Special Amulet of Archangel Gabriel - Limited Edition
Special Amulet of Archangel Gabriel - Limited Edition
Special Amulet of Archangel Gabriel - Limited Edition
Special Amulet of Archangel Gabriel - Limited Edition
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Special Amulet of Archangel Gabriel - Limited Edition


The Archangel Pendant Gabriel is used to Improve Communication between people. This can be arguing lovers, friends or family. The amulet is also used to improve communication skills on the internet and all media. The amulet is very effective in closing deals, business negotiation or making deals with your boss

But did you know that each angel and archangel, including archangel Gabriel have a sigil or seal? This is the special seal used to summon his presence together with a special phrase. This unique amulet of archangel Gabriel comes in Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel with a diameter of 35mm. The design incorporates the special frase for summoning Archangel Gabriel as well as his personal sigil and power sigils to boost the energies of  this amulet.

This is a limited edition, only 100 amulets will be made available in stainless steel and sterling silver. When we run out of stock, this amulet disappears.

It is the ARCANGEL OF THE DIRECTION and corresponds to the ray of the white color. His name means “God is my strength”, “The strength of God” or “Man of God”. He is the angel of the annunciation, of death and resurrection, as well as of revenge and compassion. The archangel Gabriel is associated with purity and innocence, and is the messenger par excellence. The archangel Gabriel, along with the archangel Michael, is one of the most important angels both in the Abrahamic religions and in the modern spirituality of the New Age.

The archangel Gabriel is almost always represented in his role as a messenger because he was the bearer of the news of the Incarnation. His image represents purity and he announces it by means of his white clothes, a lily or several lilies in his hands and androgynous and delicate aspect.

The flower that he gives to Mary represents purity, virginity, innocence, love and harmony, the virtues embodied by both the archangel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary. The genuflection with which he delivers these virtues and the news of the Incarnation of the Son of God adds to these virtues the humility that unites them all to carry his message.

When his clothes are white, he communicates transparency and cleanliness of spirit, important qualities when communicating on a spiritual level. Both represent impeccable communication through the spirit.

Sometimes it is represented with a trumpet. It is said that the archangel Gabriel will sound the trumpet on the day of Judgment to awaken the souls that are asleep. Sometimes this role is also assigned to the archangel Michael, but in art and literature the person in charge of playing the trumpet is almost always the archangel Gabriel.

It is said that the archangel Gabriel inspires artists, singers, dancers, poets, writers and all kinds of creators for being human beings who cultivate purity. That is why he is represented many times with a parchment or a pen in his hand. Archangel Gabriel gives them the ability to communicate.

Archangel Gabriel, patron of the media

Archangel Gabriel, patron of the birthing rooms