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Demon Pendant Demon Sytry satanic pendant for lust and passion used as gothic jewelry, satanic necklace or occult jewelry
  • SKU: D-010

Spirit Sitri amulet Pendant for lust and passion


The Pendant of the Daemon Sytry is used to invoke love and lust in men and woman

He is a Prince of love and lust, and causes women to reveal themselves naked. He incites men and women fall in love with each other. He appears during the day even though Set is the Egyptian Lord of Darkness. He is one of the 7 Sons of Satan. He has a dark complexion with jet-black hair.


Sytry/Sitri is a Day Demon and rules 60 legions of spirits

Zodiac Position: 25-29 degrees of Taurus
May 15th-20th
Tarot Card: 7 of Pentacles
Planet: Saturn
Candle Color: Red
Plant: Hyacinth
Metal: Lead
Element: Earth
Rank: Prince
available in Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel
diameter 35mm


Materials: Stainless steel, Silver.