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Demon Pendant Demon Vine satanic pendant to know past , present and future is gothic jewelry, satanic necklace or occult jewelry
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Demon Pendant Demon Vine satanic pendant to know past , present and future


The Pendant of Daemon Vine is to know past , present and future and to reveal the true identity of witches and sorcerers
The Forty-fifth Spirit is Vine, or Vinea. He is a Great King, and an Earl; and appears in the Form of a Lion,20 riding upon a Black Horse, and bearing a Viper in his hand. His Office is to discover Things Hidden, Witches, Wizards, and Things Present, Past, and to Come. He, at the command of the Exorcist will build Towers, overthrow Great Stone Walls, and make the Waters rough with Storms. He governs 36 Legions of Spirits.


Vine is the only Demon who can reveal the identity of other witches and sorcerers. He knows all secrets and can destroy enemies. He can defend the mage against the attacks of other sorcerers and witches. He knows and reveals the past, present and future. He discovers hidden things, causes storms, destroys walls, and builds towers.
Vine appears accompanied by a black lion. Vine is very thin and dark skinned. He has black wings and carries a gold staff. His black shoulder-length hair is straight with platinum blonde at the tips.

Zodiac Position: 10-14 degrees of Scorpio
November 2nd-6th
Tarot Card: 6 of Cups
Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
Candle Color: White
Plant: Mallow
Metal: Tin/Neptunium
Element: Water
Rank: King/Earl
Vine is a Night Demon and rules 36 legions of spirits


Materials: Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel.