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Greatium Spirit Marbas personal guidance amulet for Healing | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
Greatium Spirit Marbas personal guidance amulet for Healing | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet

Greatium Spirit Marbas personal guidance amulet for Healing

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Marbas is the guiding spirit in case you need physical, spiritual, emotional or energetic healing. He will help you to raise your energy level, heal physical problems, eliminate emotional blockages and elevate your spiritual level . Carry your Greatium Spirit amulet of Marbas with you wherever you go and receive the benefits of this great spirit

This is the special Greatium Amulet of Marbas only. Check out the 73 other Greatium Spirits to obtain a more complete life.

There are moments in our life when we don't seem to be able to advance in our life, heal, receive the abundance we need or simply feel blocked. Whatever we do, it feels like we are not making any progress and are stuck in the same loop.

It happens to all of us and this is the moment we can use some help. This help is available through the spirits of our Greatium collection. 74 Spirits are waiting for you. These spirits can help you in every aspect of your life. From healing, to love, abundance and wealth, job promotion, eliminate shyness, fix relations, and so on.

What to do if you are not sure which Greatium Spirit is the most adequate for you?

Most of the time we are not completely aware of the things that are holding us back. This is when a consultation of the oracle can bring the solution. But a consultation of the oracle will only tell us what spirits are right here now to help us break through the barrier. If we want to succeed, we will need a special amulet that has been activated and a special secret enn to call for this spirit.

When we do a consultation there are always 2 spirits that are ready to help us. The first one will help you fix the most urgent problem and the second one will take care of the next urgent problem. Once these are fixed all blockages on your path will be eliminated and you can reach the fullness of the next step.

What does this special amulet pack offer you?

A consultation of the oracle by our master.
2 amulets, one of each Greatium Spirit, personalized, activated and consecrated to you.
The special enn (mantra) for each of the 2 spirits so you can call them whenever you need

Check out our complete guidance pack with 2 amulets and an oracle consultation:
You can find this complete pack here: https://worldofamulets.com/products/2-greatium-%C2%AE-spirit-guide-amulets-oracle-consultation

The amulets are rectangular in shape, size 35mmx24mm , stainless steel and laser engraved