Special Blessed Ring of Archangel Raphael for healing - Healing Amulet - Limited Edition

Special Blessed Healing ring of Archangel Raphael - Healing Amulet - Limited Edition

This is the ring everybody needs and in particular healers. The powers of Archangel Raphael will increase your personal healing abilities. You can use this for yourself, family, friends, reiki sessions or any healing energy work

Archangel Raphael is the ARCHANGEL OF THE CURATIVE. The name of the archangel Raphael means “The healing power of God.” His name refers not only to the health of the body, but also to the health of the soul. The biblical stories where it is mentioned, have given Archangel Raphael the role of healer. It represents the aspect of God that helps the human being to maintain the balance of emotions and the health of the body.

But did you know that each angel and archangel, including archangel Raphael have a sigil or seal? This is the special seal used to summon his presence together with a special phrase. This unique amulet of archangel Raphael comes in Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel with a diameter of 35mm. The design incorporates the special frase for summoning Archangel Raphael as well as his personal sigil and power sigils to boost the energies of  this amulet.

This is a limited edition, only 100 amulets will be made available in stainless steel and sterling silver. When we run out of stock, this amulet disappears.

The archangel Raphael is almost always represented as a pilgrim. This image is a reference to the biblical story of Tobias, which also supports the idea of ​​San Rafael Arcángel as a healer.

The walking stick or staff represents the will and spiritual support necessary to travel the path of life. It also represents spiritual authority that deflects and transforms negative influences.

Many times he is dressed in green, the color of nature, hope and regeneration. All these qualities support the healing of the human being and the Earth. That’s why Archangel Raphael is also associated with the ecology and protection of Mother Earth and her creatures.

He is also represented with a fish or two, another reference to the Biblical story of Tobias. The fish symbolizes life and spiritual regeneration.

The archangel Raphael, patron of the sick and hospitals

Saint Raphael is the patron of the sick and hospitals because he is the angel that brings to humans the healing energy of God. It makes human beings remember that the body is an important instrument for the spirit, and that is why it must be taken care of with great love and attention.

He is also the patron saint of the blind, of fortuitous encounters, of nurses, of doctors and travelers. Archangel Raphael has a lot of compassion for all beings, especially people who have some physical, mental, emotional or spiritual evil. You can ask for his intercession to heal diseases and ills of all kinds, against addictions, and to keep loved ones safe and sound.

The archangel Raphael in religious texts

The archangel Raphael is mentioned in the Book of Tobias, a book of the Old Testament that is part of the biblical canon of the Orthodox and Catholic churches. It also appears in the Septuagint Bible, in the same book.

It is assumed that he is one of the archangels mentioned in Revelation 8: 2 when he says “And I saw the seven angels standing before God, to whom seven trumpets were given.”

His identity as healer of the Earth comes from his story in the Book of Enoch, which tells that Saint Raphael healed the earth when it was desecrated by the sins of the fallen angels.


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