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Magical crystals and precious stones for metaphysical and energy work, reiki and special jewelry

Black Obsidian Six Stars Lucky Amulet for Love


13006 of 13100 Sold

Natural Clear Quartz White Crystal Healing Wand for Reiki and Energy Healing

Sold Out

Real Raw Gem Pink Purple Crystal Hexagonal Bullet Reiki Point


46701 of 46800 Sold

Handmade Tree of Life Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace


12072 of 12100 Sold

Natural Fluorite Hexagonal Column Crystal Point Healing Wand


3737 of 100 Sold

Natural Crystal Rough Rock Stone for Reiki Healing


3401 of 3500 Sold

100g Natural Labradorite Tumbled Stone Healing Bead


3908 of 4000 Sold

Natural irregular crystal Labradorite pendant


146 of 200 Sold

Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Stone Merkaba Star Reiki Healing with Sacred Geometry


83 of 100 Sold

Reiki Custom Orgone Pyramid 7cm bottle edge Healing Pyramid


93 of 100 Sold

Reiki Quartz Piramide Healing Stone Crystals


8336 of 8400 Sold

Cute Angel Shape Opalite Crystal Stone with Healing Reiki Energy


86 of 100 Sold

Natural Rainbow Fluorite Healing Quartz Crystal Point


2965 of 3000 Sold

Beautiful natural Dream amethyst point quartz crystal for reiki healing


484 of 500 Sold

Natural citrine quartz crystal wand point for reiki healing


830 of 900 Sold

Natural Quartz Crystal Point Reiki Chakra Pendant Necklace With Metal Chain


10079 of 10100 Sold

6pcs Opal Crystal Natural Tumbled Stone for Reiki Healing

Sold Out

10pcst Chakra Pyramid Stone Set Crystal for Energy Healing & Reiki


3753 of 3800 Sold

Tibet Natural Clear Crystal White Quartz Cluster Points for Crystal Healing & Reiki


45683 of 45700 Sold

Natural Rough Amethyst Quartz Crystals Stones for Reiki Crystal Healing


535 of 600 Sold

Natural White Amethyst Quartz Crystal Pendant Healing Stone for Reiki Healing


852 of 900 Sold

Angel Shape Opalite Crystal Stone for Reiki and Energy Healing


1355 of 1400 Sold

Natural Emerald Crystal Pendant for Reiki and Energy Healing

Sold Out

Natural Gemstone Tumbled Healing Crystal Wand, Pointed & Faceted for Reiki & Energy Healing


1794 of 1800 Sold