Magical crystals and precious stones for metaphysical and energy work, reiki and special jewelry

Magical Crystals (40)

Natural citrine quartz crystal wand point for reiki healing


Natural Quartz Crystal Point Reiki Chakra Pendant Necklace With Metal Chain


6pcs Opal Crystal Natural Tumbled Stone for Reiki Healing


10pcst Chakra Pyramid Stone Set Crystal for Energy Healing & Reiki


Tibet Natural Clear Crystal White Quartz Cluster Points for Crystal Healing & Reiki


Natural Rough Amethyst Quartz Crystals Stones for Reiki Crystal Healing


Natural White Amethyst Quartz Crystal Pendant Healing Stone for Reiki Healing


Angel Shape Opalite Crystal Stone for Reiki and Energy Healing


Natural Emerald Crystal Pendant for Reiki and Energy Healing