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Here you will find those products with most sales. This is the list of the Top Wanted Best Amulets and Spells on World of Amulets

Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life


The most Powerful Pendant of Abraxas to control your life and achieve all you need

€17 €37

Ring of Mammon for money and abundance in Business


Are you a Gambler or Lottery Player?This Ring of Asmodeus can help you win more


Do you need a new direction in your life? The Ring of Lucifer can help you to reclaim your life


Heal yourself and others with the Sigil Ring of Buer, the great healer


Ring of Lilith to Empower yourself with the powers of Lilith


Master Talisman to Increase your Personal Power

€17 €37

Become member of the Terra Incognita Society and learn all about Magic and Energy Work

Sold Out €399

The manual of the 7 Olympic Spirits - mantras, rituals, invocation

€65 €95

Let the Spirits tell your future with the Demon Deck Oracle Consultation


Learn Magic Bethor Olympic Spirits Initiation to work on Abundance

€35 €55

Learn Magic Ophiel Olympic Spirits Initiation for Commerce and Magic

€35 €55