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The latest creations of World of Amulets. Just came in. Check them out before we run out of stock

Constellations Zodiac Sign Bracelet


69987 of 70000 Sold

Tree of Life Triple Moon Wicca Goddess Bracelet


9962 of 10000 Sold

Celtic Triskel Symbol Bracelet


3443 of 3500 Sold

Sigil Magic Wiccan bracelet


7985 of 8000 Sold

Wicca 3 Colors Tree of Life Bracelet


66825 of 66900 Sold

Triple Moon Goddess Wicca Pentagram Amulet


893 of 900 Sold

Star Of David Hexagram Bracelet


991 of 1000 Sold

Wicca Archangel Sigil Bracelet


997 of 1000 Sold

Ring of Lilith to Empower yourself with the powers of Lilith


174 of 200 Sold

Special Powerful Amulet of Belial for your Business, the big problem solver


397 of 400 Sold

Ring of Sitri with Sigil and Secret Enn for lust and passion


177 of 200 Sold

Ring of Paimon with Secret Enn and Sigil for binding others to your goal


179 of 200 Sold

Silver Plated Pagan Wicca Charm Bracelet


999 of 1000 Sold

Heal yourself and others with the Sigil Ring of Buer, the great healer


166 of 200 Sold

Egyptian Eye of Ra Horus Bracelet Wicca Talisman


937 of 1000 Sold

Wicca Solomon Charm Bracelet


554 of 600 Sold

Special Silver Ring of Spirit Haagenti for Personal transformation and to turn negative things into positive


512 of 600 Sold

Special Silver Ring of Spirit Aim for creativity, charm, removing blocks and inspiration


512 of 600 Sold

Find the love of your life with the help of Spirit Sallos


170 of 200 Sold

New Power Amulet of Vepar with Secret Enn and Sigil to help with Levitation


204 of 300 Sold

New Power Amulet of Sallos with Secret Enn and Sigil to cause love between men and women


202 of 300 Sold

Special Power Amulet of Buer with Secret Enn and Sigil , Buer is the master of Healing


204 of 300 Sold