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Sigil Pendant Amulet of the Kings of Hell

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I think there is no stronger protection available as with this amulet. Having the protection and favor of the kings of hell is incredible. Aladin just had 1 Genii, you have 9 if you get this amulet. The kings of hell are consecrated in this amulet to work for you.


They will help you with:

Are you struggling in your business or career?
Not getting the Job promotion you were working so hard for?
Your boss isn’t noticing you?
Your clients don’t respect you?
No one is coming into your shop?
Want to take your business to the next level, but you feel blocked?
Do you find it hard to find the love of your life?
Your friends don’t love you?
Your family doesn’t care about you?
Your children don’t even notice you?
Your wife/husband does no longer look at you with the same eyes?
Do you play lottery but you don’t have any luck?
Playing cards with your friends and always loosing?
No luck in any game?
Feeling clumsy all the time?
Not enjoying your sex life?
Feel your life is falling apart?
No light at the end of the tunnel?
Emotionally burned up?
Not seeing any way out?
Feel completely blocked?
Nobody there to help you?
You are struggling to meet ends meet
Your business is about to go down the drain
You want to start a business but don’t know how or what
Your competition is taking away your clients
You would love to take your business to the next level
You feel an urge to leave your competition behind

You don’t know how to advance in your endeavors
Looking for money?
Looking for fame?
In need of more money?
Need a new contract?
Want to be famous?
Become a movie star?
A youtube influencer?
Solve the problems with your family?
Get your ex back?
Need money for some extras?
Need money for a car, vacation, a gift?
Are you struggling in your business or career?
Not getting the Job promotion you were working so hard for?
Your boss isn’t noticing you?
Your clients don’t respect you’
No one is coming into your shop?
Want to take your business to the next level, but you feel blocked?
No money left and still didn’t get at the end of the month?

The Powerfull Handmade jewelry – Sterling Silver pendant of the Kings of Hell is used for invocation, protection and favors of the great kings of hell. These particular Demon have proven to be at service of men. Their special symbols have been placed inside a magical circle to ensure the protection of the user. Their power is incredibly strong and can cause damage to the user if not protected properly like with this amulet. The amulet let's the bearer invoke each of them and ask their favor to accomplish the goals stated to the demon. This is the most powerfull amulet ever made for invoking demon powers.

Size: 30mm - Material Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel

Each pendant or ring has been dedicated to the owner and can not be used by other people. Therefore, it is very important that you tell us your exact details so Master Sortiarius can complete the special consecration ritual. Tell us when ordering:

Your full name
Date of Birth and place where you live

To invoke any of them just say it's name 3 times followed by: I, (your name) invoke (name of the daemon) to serve my goal. After this you clearly and precisely state your goal to the daemon and finish with: "Go out there and do my bidding".

The Daemon in this pendant are:

Lucifer in the Center

His most Important Day of the year is December 23, when the Sun is one degree into Capricorn. The day following the beginning of the Winter Solstice is his Personal Day

Beelzebub (Baal-Bael) South

He is also known as the Goetic daemon "BAEL"

Those who are close to Beelzebub know he is Enlil. This is from him personally. Enlil was the original "Bel" which later evolved into "Baal." "Baal" means "Lord," "Master" "Baal the Prince." Beelzebub/Enlil was a very popular and well-known God who had cities named after him with the prefix "Baal" all over the Middle East.

Astaroth - East

She was known to the Canaanites as ASTARTE, to the Sumerians, she was known as INANNA, to the Babylonians, she was known as ISHTAR to the Assyrians and the Akkadians, ASHTART, ASHTORETH, ASHERAH, and ASTORETH, to the Egyptians, ISIS, ASHET AND ASET, to the Phoenicians, she was known as TANIT-ASHTART and ASHTAROTH. Her Ugaritic name was ANAT.

Astaroth is a very ancient Goddess. She has been with humanity, as have Satan and Beelzebub, since the beginning. Astaroth is Satan's daughter. She did not want this to be known until recently [October 2016]. She has always been very popular, much loved and revered in locales where she was worshipped. Because she has been with us since the beginning, she has been known by several different names, as she has been the Chief Goddess in many different areas and cultures. She has been known as a Goddess of fertility, love, and war.

Azazel-Second South (smaller Circle)

AZAZEL aka ZAZEL, SAMYAZA, SAMYAZAZEL, SHAMGAZ, SHEMYAZA, SHAMYAZA, SHEMIHAZAH, SHAMASH (Babylonian), UTU (Sumerian; The Shining One),* SAMAS (Akkadian), BABBAR (Sumerian), Ashur (Assyrian), SHAMIYAH (Hathra), SEMJAZA

Azazel works directly with Satan. He is in charge of top security in Hell.

Asmodeus - Left top

Asmodeus was of the order of Seraphim and he carries the title "King of the daemons." He governs the many realms of pleasure.
He prefers to be summoned bareheaded [without a hat or head covering] and he teaches the arts of astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy, and craftsmanship. He answers all questions, discovers and guards treasures and gives the ability to read the thoughts of others. He confers invisibility, and can break up marriages/relationships.
Asmodeus has a human Mother and his Father is a God. He has jet black hair with a braid down his back, and has an olive complexion. Asmodeus is extremely courteous and very much a gentleman. He is soft spoken with a smooth voice. Asmodeus is a very pleasant daemon.

Fleruti - Top Right

Fleruty has a golden aura with gold-gilded wings with white feathers. He is muscular with a fair complexion. He has long curly blonde hair that is below his shoulders

Satasnachia - North

Satanachia has profound knowledge of all the planets. He has power over all women and girls and he provides animal familiars. His subordinate daemons are: Prulas, Amon and Barbatos.

Lucifuge Rofocale - Mid Right

He has power over the winds and the sea and causes ships to sink and cause death by drowning. He will not hurt anyone or anything, if asked not to. He appears as bald, with a robe that has bright shining silver and gold highlights. His wings when he shows them are covered with glitter like his robe. Lucifuge Rofocal is patient, polite, and soft spoken.

Belial - Left Botom

Belial distributes presentations and titles. He reconciles friends and enemies, and provides familiars He can assist one with job promotions and helps to gain a higher position. He can bring favors from others, even one's enemies. Belial was Prince of the Order of Virtues. Belial is thin, smaller than most of the other daemons and has platinum blonde hair

Decarabia - Right bottom

He knows all of the properties of and the powers of plants and stones, and provides birds as familiars. He has short curly black hair with fair skin and black wings with red stripes. He has a blue aura that gives off a lot of heat.

Sigil Pendant Amulet of the Kings of Hell

Sigil Pendant Amulet of the Kings of Hell




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Sigil Pendant Amulet of the Kings of Hell

Sigil Pendant Amulet of the Kings of Hell

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