We Care , World of Amulets Social Commitment

The team of World of Amulets has always been involved in social commitment and volunteering to better the lives and circumstances of the community we live in. Either by funding local projects, cleaning forests and beaches, free reiki sessions, etc... , our founding members have shown a great interest and concern in these matters.

After an extremely difficult year for so many of you due to the covid-19 pandemic, we decided to take our social commitment a step further. Although 2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for us too, we think that, as a social responsable company, WOA can do more. So we started exploring the best way to help our society in the most effective way.

With so many causes and needs it has been very difficult to find a cause to support (also because of the limitations of movement due to the pandemic) that finally we decided to support 1 organization who covers and supports many causes worldwide.

We are talking about the most transparent humanitarian organization: Lions Club International. We feel that through the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) we can reach more people where it matters (you can find more info about Lions Club here)

Amongst the causes LCIF supports are of course the covid-19 pandemic response, fighting diabetes, preserve sight, empower youth, preservation of nature, and much more.

Last fiscal year, LCIF awarded 1,360 grants, totaling more than US$41 million.

But this money needs to come from somewhere.

WOA decided to start a funding project in the benefit of LCIF by donating 1€ for each order made on our site to support the causes of the Lions Club Foundation. These causes can be local or international.

From february 1 2021 we will start donating at the end of each month 1€ for each order made on our official website and Etsy platform combined. This is just a start because we want to reach a 10% of sales donation by the end of the year. All donations will be published on this page for transparency and can be consulted at Lions Club International.

Thank you for buying at World of Amulets and helping people around the globe.

Donations Calendar 2021

Month Cause Donation 
February Childhood cancer $189
March Lions Club Valencia $173
April  Earth day
May Lions Club Valencia
June Sightfirst & Leaderdogs for the blind