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Satanic Jewelry - Lapel Pin of the Demons of Lust - Demonic Jewelry - Demon Amulet Lapel - Supernatural Pin
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Lapel Pin of the Demons of Lust - Demonic


• Do you find it hard to find the love of your life?

• Your friends don’t love you?
• Your family doesn’t care about you?
• Your children don’t even notice you?
• Your wife/husband does no longer look at you with the same eyes?

The Lapel Pin with the Demons of Lust and Relationships include Beleth,Sallos,Dantalion and Sytry. All 4 are perfect daemon to attract love, lust, fix relationships, and so on.


Each Lapel Pin has been dedicated to the owner and can not be used by other people. Therefore, it is very important that you tell us your exact details so our Master Sortiarius can complete the special consecration ritual. Tell us when ordering:

Full name
Date of birth
City where you live

Beleth brings the spirit of love between men and women. She is a favorite of women awaiting a proposal.
Beleth is a female

Dantalion: He can produce hallucinations. He reveals the innermost thoughts and desires of others and can influence another’s mind without their knowledge. He knows all human thoughts and can change them at will. He incites love between men and women, and teaches all the arts and sciences. He can show a vision of the likeness of any person.

Sallos causes love between men and women, stimulates sexual desire, and incites the passions. He encourages fidelity to one’s partner. He has bright orange hair and a silver aura. He changes the color of his hair to black and his aura to gold. He wears a suit of armor.

Sytry: He is a Prince of love and lust, and causes women to reveal themselves naked. He incites men and women fall in love with each other. He appears during the day even though Set is the Egyptian Lord of Darkness. He is one of the 7 Sons of Satan. He has a dark complexion with jet-black hair. He at first had rubbery dark brown wings that turned into beautiful soft black feathery angel wings like a raven right after I did energy work on him and freed him. He wears a long black satin robe. He was very kind, soft spoken and left me with a strong energetic feeling of peace. He has most beautiful energy.

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Materials: Stainless steel, Steel.