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Spiritual Art of Norse God Odin, Odin Wallpaper, Odin Poster, Spiritual Wall Art, Spiritual Art

Spiritual Art of Norse God Odin, Odin Wallpaper, Odin Poster, Spiritual Wall Art, Spiritual Art

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Odin was the chief of the gods in Norse mythology and was worshipped by the Vikings as the god of wisdom, poetry, and war. He was also associated with magic and was said to be the ruler of the cosmos.

Odin was a complex and multifaceted deity, and he had many titles and attributes. He was known by many names, including Allfather, Father of Battle, and Hanged God. He was depicted as a tall, dignified man with a long beard, and he was often shown carrying his signature weapon, a spear called Gungnir.

Odin was said to be a patron of warriors and was often invoked for victory in battle. He was also associated with the runic alphabet and was considered a god of wisdom and knowledge. According to legend, Odin gained his great wisdom by sacrificing his eye to Mimir, the Norse god of wisdom, in exchange for a drink from the well of knowledge.

Odin was also associated with death and the afterlife. He was said to welcome brave warriors who died in battle to Valhalla, his hall in Asgard, the home of the gods. In Valhalla, these warriors would spend eternity feasting, fighting, and preparing for Ragnarok, the end of the world.

Despite his many positive attributes, Odin was also seen as a trickster god and was known for his cunning and deceit. He was sometimes depicted as a shape-shifter and was associated with magic and illusion.

Are you looking for a picture of Norse God Odins in one of his many forms and appearances? Golden Cloud, one of the masters behind world of amulets is a true spiritual art creator based on the many appearances of demons, angels, olympic spirits and other spiritual beings in her sessions. She shares her visions in a unique way by portraying what she has seen.
This is a special gift and she wants to share this with you. The spiritual art she creates can be used as mere decoration that will give your room a unique touch but these prints can also be used as permanent offering to the chosen demon, angel, olympic spirit, nature spirit or ancient God

All spirits shift shape or even gender depending on the person that does the invocation, time, and purpose. This is why you might find several different aspects of the same Spirit.

The best places to put your Spirit painting:

• Bedroom (high possibility of dreams)
• Business Spot (office, shop, etc…) Increase in customers
• Living room: Protection
• Personal Temple: Consulting, wishing, guidance

You can request a free Reiki activation and charging for this meditation wall art here:

Digital files included:

JPG: 4800px x 4800px 127x127cm - 16"x16" inches (you can resize it as you please
PNG: 4800px x 4800px 127x127cm - 16"x16" inches (you can resize it as you please)

Only for Personal use

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you have a few options.

You can print the image on your home printer,
upload the file to an online printer
transfer it to a USB drive and take it to your local print shop.
What’s the best way in my opinion? Online printing! You get really beautiful prints if you know where to go, plus you won’t use up all your ink or have to buy special art paper.

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