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New Powerful Money and Business amulet

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This powerful customizable Money and Business amulet is suitable for everything related to money, business, richess, abundance, business and wealth. Our customer reviews speak for themselves


Spirits of Money and Business

The 6 spirits that can make you rich and 6 spirits that can help you create a very successful business

King Solomon had a vast empire and lots of treasures. History tells us this was due to the spirits of the Ars Goetia he controlled and helped him achieve this.
He commanded 6 spirits known to bring it's summoner money sand abundance to amass his fortune and treasures and 6 spirits that brought prosperity to all his undertakings.

Now Terra Incognita will give you the chance to configure your Money amulet , business amulet or a combination of both with the spirits you like the most. Let list the spirits and their powers:

The Money Spirits:

  • Bael: King Baal or sometimes also called Beelzebub is an expert in wealth obtained by creativity
  • Seere: this is a very kind daemon who wants to please. He will bring you a lot of abundance of a sudden
  • Mammon: This is the only spirit that not appears in the Ars Goetia. His power is to help the sorcerer achieve great wealth, abundance and richness. Mammon is very strict and demanding. If you ask for material wealth and riches you will need to make rich offerings. The best offering for this daemon is Gold. Golden coins, pendants, necklaces, and so on. He will multiply each offering by 100 for the one who honors him.
  • Astaroth: Astaroth is very kind to her followers and rewards them with money and precious stones
  • Asmodeus: He is also the king of pleasures and gamblers. If you need money with gambling, Asmodeus is your best pick.
  • Shax:  A Gift giver. He can give you gifts seemingly out of the blur. Be careful with the offerings. If you don’t give him the appropriate offer, he will take things from you

The Business Spirits

  • Decarabia: This spirit is an expert in removing obstacles or situations holding you back
  • Forneus: Helps you with legal matters and causes others to favor you which can be very convenient in business matters
  • Haures: This is the spirit you need for New beginnings and new projects.
  • Paimon: A very versatile daemon king. Used a lot for occult understanding, creative pursuits, planning, binding others to your goal. Very interesting for business
  • Zagan: Turns things over. Can change good things into bad ones and vice versa.
  • Belial: The perfect daemon for business with an aggressive approach. He will clear the path for you by eliminating all opposition.

The indispensable spirit:

Aim: needs to be in all Business and Money Amulets. This is a basic but extremely powerful energy. This one is present in all our money and business amulets. Aim is the spirit of Creativity and creation, removing blocks, inspiration, writing, uncovering one’s inner genius, charisma, charm, grace, helping one to charm those in a social setting. You choose the other 3 spirits.

The top latin phrase says: Forest fortuna adiuvat, translated: Fortune favours the bold

You can also choose this phrase: Faber est suae quisque fortunae, translated: Each man is the maker of his own fortune.

The amulet is empowered by the 7 Olympic Spirits and special binding and boosting seals that make this amulet unique and extremely powerful.

Available in Stainless Steel 35mm or Sterling Silver 40mm

Some ideas for amulets:

Lottery, games and money out of the blur:

  • Seere, Asmodeus - Shax
  • Astaroth - Asmodeus - Shax

Starting a new Business:

Decarabia - Haures - Paimon

Empowering an existing business:

Decarabia - Paimon - Belial

Fixing a struggling business:

Zagan - Belial - Decarabia