The Spirits of Wealth Amulet to attract money and riches | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
The Spirits of Wealth Amulet to attract money and riches | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
The Spirits of Wealth Amulet to attract money and riches | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
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The Spirits of Wealth Amulet to attract money and riches

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The Spirits of Wealth Amulet to attract money & riches

The Spirits of Money and Wealth, riches and treasures include Bune, Foras, Shax and Seere. All 4 are perfect spirits to attract money, riches, abundance, wealth and fame.

• Need money for some extras?

• Need money for a car, vacation, a gift?
• Are you struggling in your business or career?
• Not getting the Job promotion you were working so hard for?
• Your boss isn’t noticing you?
• Your clients don’t respect you’
• No one is coming into your shop?
• Want to take your business to the next level, but you feel blocked?
• No money left and still didn’t get at the end of the month?

Bune, Foras, Shax and Seere are very well known for bringing wealth and fortune. Our Spellcaster White Sortiarius has made a perfect combination of 4 spirits that will help you with these aspects of your life. Here you you will see the details of each one.

Bune helps acquire wealth and provides sophistication and worldly wisdom. She gives eloquence in speech and a flair for words. Bune has shoulder-length straight black hair with dark slanted eyes, a tan complexion and black wings.

Seere (bottom) discovers thefts, transports goods, and can control time He can cause a spell or act of magick to occur immediately. He can bring many things to happen all at once. He is good natured and helpful to the summoner.
Seere has white wings with tan markings. He is of medium height with a strong build. He has soft dark medium-length hair and a strong face. Seere is very agile in flight and he is very soft-spoken.

Shax (left) can cause one to become deaf, dumb or blind and can take away understanding. He can take money or possessions and reveal the way to stolen property or hidden things. He provides good familiars and will transport anything.
Shax has short blue hair with a medium build and dark skin. He gives one a feeling of power that comes from his aura. He is very powerful in his magick.

Foras (center) can make one charismatic, wise, wealthy, and invincible. He restores lost property and teaches logic and ethics. He reveals the powers of herbs and precious stones and has the power to make one invisible, have a long life, and to have charisma.

This amulet is available in stanless steel (35mm) and sterling silver (40mm)


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