How to do Animal Reiki

How to do Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is weird to most of us as we do not consider them as sensitive and prone to bad situations, emotions and depressive environment as we are. Reiki is a self healing tool and can be used for animals effectively. People have been carving out connection between animals and Reiki. However Reiki works extremely well on animals as they are extremely sensitive and responsive to your caring loving touch and they certainly feel better after snuggling cuddling and seeing you in a good mood.

Reiki helps extremely well when animals are ill in addition to medical intervention. When animals are extremely young or old Reiki seems to be very effective. The most helpful use of Reiki can be made when your animals are traumatized and feel depression due to some kind of abuse, move, loss, or other behavioral disorders. For best results and in a situation where guardian is new to Reiki technique, reaching for a professional practitioner of Reiki is preferable. Many pet groomers, breeders and trainers might also offer Reiki services but it would certainly be best if they are pet Reiki specialist. Mostly people who love animals take Reiki training so they can work with more affection and treat animals well. There are several Reiki clinics for pets and taking your own to such place would be quiet effective.

However if your pet is attached to you and you know how to handle its mood swings and traumatic situation then it is the best option to learn Reiki yourself. The first step in this regard is to listen o your animals. They can response at different levels in accordance with the level of their illness, personality traits and your level of understanding them. If an animal shows signs of running away from your touch by screeching, growling or running away, distant Reiki would be more effective. Hands on Reiki would be good if your pet would let you touch easily yet they it doesn’t seem to be serious then moving your hands few inches above and performing Reiki would be much better. If your pet is snuggling and showing positive response while you perform Reiki for yourself or for others then it is an encouraging response. Some animals completely leave their body in your hands and in that case performing Reiki will be ideal.

You can use different Reiki techniques on your pet depending on the level of closeness and physical connection between you and your animal. General techniques include:

Distant Reiki:

It can be performed from a distance. You don’t need to sit near the animal and this technique is used to treat traumas that your pet had been through.

Beaming Technique:

You can get connected with your animals at a safe distance, starting from beaming and then perform Reiki.

Hands Hovering:

You can perform Reiki with your hands hovering over the body of the animals which do not bear touch for long.

Hands-on Reiki:

This is the standard technique for humans as well in which you can perform Reiki with similar hands position.

Group Reiki:

This is ideal for animals larger in size like horses, few dog species where you can perform Reiki simultaneously and send healing, love and affection at a single time to a large group.

Giving Reiki to animals can help both animals and their guardians as well. It leads to curing and healing illness of animals and leads to a peaceful death. 

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