How to make and use the perfect Wiccan magic wands

How to make and use the perfect Wiccan magic wands

How to make and use the perfect Wiccan magic wands

The wiccan magic wands are one of the most elementary tools inside the Wiccan religion. Although its uses are very popular and useful, there is not enough information that can be found about this artifact, its history, usages, materials and other characteristics. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of converting to the Wicca religion, knowing everything about magic wands is something completely mandatory. You will need a wand for rituals and evocations, among many other different uses inside this worship.

            A little bit of history

Since ancient times, wands have been used throughout many different cultures, from occultist worships to native tribes. Shamans and priests were in charge of celebrating rituals and spiritual celebrations to praise different gods and deities, and wands were a mandatory element to carry out these rites. Vestiges of wand use have been found in many parts of the world. From Indo-European territories to Northern American lands, many people were accustomed to the use of these artifacts. Witches also used many magic wands to cast spells, make rites of invocation, healing, love, protection and many others.

            Main features

Wands are mainly made of different types of wood, and they are primarily intended for the management and channeling of energy. Since wands direct the magic will, these are mostly used in order to carrying out invocation rituals. It’s a phallic symbol, and that’s why it is related to masculine nature, and many currents of Wiccan cult say that wands are part of the fire element, because wood can cause fire by rubbing it.

Traditionally, Wiccan wands are made of wood, but nowadays it is possible to find wands of different materials, such as crystal and metals. Of course, these wands work in a different way and are used to reach other goals different from traditional wood wands.

The crystal wands are mainly used for therapeutic affairs, due to some characteristics of the gem that the witch crafts to get a wand. It also happens with metal. Different types of metal are used for many different purposes. However, the use of these wands and the way to hold them in the hand makes not only their use but also their size very different, being considerably smaller and thicker than those used in Wiccan rituals.

            How to get/make a wand

 In Witchcraft and many other magical problems, it is preferable that wands be made by hand, because tradition says that making your own wand with your own hands helps you better to understand your amulet. Still, there are some online stores like eBay that offer some premade wands.

The first step to create a magic wand is to choose the wood. It should be taken from a known tree, one that knows perfectly about its properties, history and with which it has established a special bond. Last but not least, you better choose a tree that has been traditionally used to make wands.

Once you find a suitable tree or a suitable type of wood, you should take a stick from the tree. This stick should be somewhere between dry and wet. It is necessary to make a clean cut and, something very important to do, is that you have to ask the tree for permission because you are removing a part of it, so you must be kind and friendly. Be sure to leave a gift or offering, looking for a better relationship with the plant or tree.

Ancient traditions say that the length of the wand should be the same distance from the elbow to the middle finger. It means that each witch has a different length, and her wand must be different from the others. Therefore, this tool is an extension of our own will, which means that no one else can choose or make a magic wand for you. If you want to have your own wand, you must create it from scratch on your own.

The variety must have one each witch; Due to the variety it will drive the individual energies of the person. Many people are absolutely obsessed with finding the right type of wood, but it is something completely personal. Variety becomes a symbol and a personal amulet, so creating a special and personal bond and a relationship with magical variety is a mandatory step.

            Decorating a wand

It is a personal decision. It depends on the witch's will. Many Wiccans have used their wands with sandpaper to make it look natural and beautiful. It is also possible to paint them with varnish ready to protect the wood and guarantee a long life. Finally, you can decorate the wand with different elements like gems, feathers, ribbons or anything else. It depends on creativity.

            Some advices

When making a wand, it is very important to take into account some aspects. The type of wood is very elemental. However, it is not just about knowing the properties of the tree. It goes further. The witch must have a special relationship and a special bond with the tree and wood. Some trees may be sacred to some people, but to others it may be a cursed plant.

The wand must adapt to each witch; Due to the wand, it will conduct the individual energies of the person. Many people are obsessed with finding the right type of wood, but it is something completely personal. The wand will become a personal symbol and amulet, so creating a special and personal bond and a relationship with the magic wand is a mandatory step.

It is possible to have different wands for different purposes or different stages of the year. It is always up to the practitioner, it is about a personal decision, but again, the Wiccan must consider the personal bond and the relation that he has with every single wand. The main thing to consider about having wands is that these artifacts will help to manage our energies and vibes. The link and the faith of the practitioner is so important that if you avoid these aspects, having a wand won’t be useful.