Most Original Wiccan Jewelry

Most Original Wiccan Jewelry

Most Original Wiccan Jewelry

Since its origins, the Wiccan religion has used elements of nature to represent each of its elements, rituals, and even prayers. These elements are what is better known as symbols, and several of them are currently used in the form of jewelry to represent the religion.

Most people who know or have ever heard of Wicca may have seen or imagined pentacle necklaces or other similar jewelry. However, it is necessary to remember that for Wiccans their symbols or jewelry may be sacred or necessary for rituals. In addition, each piece of jewelry may have some specific intention and purpose depending on the effect to be achieved.

Most Wiccans who are serious about jewelry are using it in the power centers of their bodies. However, since each body may have a different need and therefore, each Power Center is independent of the other.

Some of the most common Wiccan jewelry stores are as follows.

Magic Properties of Jewels

What you should know about Wiccan jewelry stores, in general, is that each one has its own identity and brings its own energy. Every color, metal, precious stone, and shape has meaning and power. If you want to use a piece of jewelry to support your goal, then you should choose the one that is right for you. In this way, your jewel would become like a magic spell.

Power Center

For Wiccans, the body has power centers, where you can wear your jewelry and make it have a better effect. Actually, this is more of symbolism and belief than anything else, but wearing a jewel in one of the body's energy centers can activate its power in a better way.

But what are the Energy Centers really? They are certain specific points that relate the physical body to the spiritual world directly. A popular example of these energy centers is the chakras. It is common for Wiccan jewelry to be used in these points of the body.

Wiccan Jewels for the Major Power Centers

Wiccan jewelry can be classified into those that can be used directly on the power centers and those that can be used on other energy sites in the body. These are the ones that are used in the power centers.


You may think it is a finger ring, but in reality, it is a circular ring, another one or silver that is worn on the forehead and surrounds the whole head. Sometimes this ring has a gem or another Wiccan symbol, also known as the third eye. It stimulates intuition and psychic power.


Another ring, but made of flowers in most cases, which is used on the hair, like a crown. This allows the Witch to have a better view of the Divine's channel.


It is like any other necklace in which it has a symbol that usually reaches the center of the chest. Depending on the symbol this could attract specific energies.


It is a rope or thread made of any material that goes around the waist. It usually has a hanging symbol that rests on the uterus. It represents the Goddess, the Divine Within.

Wicca Jewelry for Other Energy Sites

Ajorca or Anklet

This jewel is quite common among Wiccans since it does not refer to something so specific. Some wear anklets with bells, and it is used to remind people that every step is sacred.


The bracelets should also not have a specific symbol. They are used to remind us that all actions have something to contribute to the Divine.


They are pierced or buckled earrings or pendants, which are for hearing the Truth more clearly.


They are one of the most common jewels of the Wiccans. They are usually worn on the third finger and the forefinger, which represent the heart and creation, respectively.

There are also rings that are used on the thumb, which are more powerful since the thumb is one of the body's energy centers. It represents the empowerment of Divine Will in your life.

Western Wiccan Jewelry

Wiccan jewelry may be the same all over the planet, but in the West, there are some that are considered new to the history of Wiccans and neo-paganism. Here are some of them.

Navel Jewelry

They are studs, rings, or any other jewelry that is pierced in the navel and honors the sacred sensuality and the divine mother.


This ornament is of Indian origin, but the Wiccan religion adopted it as a third eye. It serves to remind everyone of the sacred essence.

Nose Rings

They are ring-shaped piercings that are worn on the nose.


These may be of different spiritual symbols and designs with which many Wiccans have managed to identify. These are usually made in the energy centers. However, great care must be taken when choosing the location of the tattoo, as the more power there is in the location, the more care must be taken. Also, they will influence your body and your energy for the rest of your life.

Toe Rings

Currently, adjustable rings have been created to fit different sizes, including toes. These are used to remind people of the privilege and care of living on earth.

Other Body Jewelry

Currently, Wiccan jewelry is represented by any object that is perforated or decorative, as long as you have the intention and purpose of it, as well as the meaning and power that it can have. After all, it is something sacred.

Where to Find Wiccan Jewelry

These jewels are available in new age shops and some alternative bookstores. However, you can get thousands of Wiccan jewelry online. One of the best ways is to browse our site as we have loads of Wiccan and Pagan Jewelry, amulets and talismans.

Wiccan jewelry can be a great accessory that not only can look different, but you should consider that it's something powerful and can be used for sacred things. That's why it's best to purify each piece of jewelry before you use it, just as you do with other sacred objects.