Powerful Wiccan Protection Spells

Powerful Wiccan Protection Spells

Powerful Wiccan Protection Spells 

Every day we are exposed to many different threats that may damage us. These dangers may come from diverse people and sources. The most common way to hurt people is by using black magic, which is very dangerous, and people that practice that kind of magic are usually evil.

Knowing how to protect yourself and your family is essential. The Wiccan cult offers diverse techniques of protection that are also completely safe. These spells are also very easy to apply and the list of required materials is not so long and hard to gather. Most of these rituals can be done with common things that we usually have in our houses. Besides, some spells don’t need any kind of elements. They work just by declaiming them.

            Spell for home protection

This is a simple but effective ritual if you want to block your house from bad energies and harmful spellings. The elements that you will need are just:

 -A handful of coarse salt.

-A teaspoon of garlic powder or minced garlic.

After gathering the necessary elements, proceed to make a mixture of the salt and the garlic. Then put a little bit of the mixture in any single entrance of your house. Main doors, windows, the chimney, and even in the garage door. Garlic and salt are a powerful source of protection in Wiccan culture.

Spell for protection against spirits and demons

 This is a very delicate issue. If you are being bothered by any spectrum or entity from another dimension you must take care of it. This spell is a three-stage ritual that will drive away any spirit that may be attacking you.

            Stage one

Try to gather some minerals like bloodstone, emerald, peridot, agate, black tourmaline, and black onyx. The more you can find the better. The most effective mineral is black tourmaline, but any of them can equally work.

The next step is about meditation and connection with your inner being. Find a quiet place where you can meditate and start to visualize a shield of a protecting light surrounding you. Repeat this process every day for five or more minutes and always think about the light, which can be of the color that you prefer.

The last thing in this stage will be asking for protection to your god or any deity you believe. Guardian angels, moon goddess, God. No matter what you believe in. Talk with them and ask for a guide and protection.

            Stage two

Here is where you must recognize where you perceive the negative intrusion from. Therefore, make a cleaning ritual in the place. Burn some sage, incense, or sandal. Also, try spreading some sea salt all over the place. If you feel that the spirit is following you, then make this ritual around your body. Finally, repeat the words “Any evil energy that bothers me, please get out of my place. You don’t belong here. This is not your place. Thank you”. Repeat this process as many times as you consider.

            Stage three

For this step, you will need a necklace, but you can choose any amulet or talisman that makes you feel comfortable. Hold your amulet with the hand that you write and imagine a brilliant light covering the totem. Next, imagine that same light covering all your body and repeat the words “I invoke the universe to make of this object my amulet of protection. Wherever I take it, I don’t suffer any damage”. After doing this, visualize your amulet being wrapped by the same light. Then, the ritual is done. Use your talisman every time you feel scared.

            Spell for children protection

Children are especially vulnerable to bad energies and harmful vibes. Taking care of them is crucial, particularly when they are very young. This is a simple spell that will give good protection to your kid.

For this ritual, you will need two candles: a green one and a black one. Also, you need to get a protecting oil, which are natural oils made of different ingredients like avocado, banana, coffee, chocolate, coconut, peach, cherry, berry, lotus, and others.

Start this spell on New Moon and repeat for a full cycle of the moon. Anoint the candle in the oil you have chosen. Light the green candle and say “As the moon grows, so does the power of this child. Protect him from all damage”.

Visualize your child being rounded by a ring of light. Keep going with this process until the full moon. Also, you have to put very much positive and love energies while carrying out this ritual. The more love you put on this spell, the stronger will be the protection. When the moon tide changes, light the black candle while declaiming “as the moon decreases, so does the danger. Keep this child far away from threats”. Then observe how the darkness starts to escape from the ring of light that is covering your children. Keep with the rite until the moon is dark again. Repeat the process if you consider it necessary.

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Moon protection spell

Nights can be a dangerous moment. If you need to face a tough situation during the night, I recommend you to take a few minutes before starting. Consider meditating for a couple of minutes and then cast this effective spell.

Take an intimate object that means a lot to you. It can be your magic wand or some protecting amulet. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can use your index finger. Draw a stave or a star of five points in the air. Imagine the shining stave catching every negative energy and protecting you during your stressful situation. Besides, remember to pronounce this pray: “Eternal and sacred moon/ you are the queen of the night/ protect me from any danger and evil/ until the sunlight shines again”.

With these spells, you can ensure strong ways of protection for you and your closest. Those rituals are resources that you can use whenever you feel afraid. Consider using them and recommending to other people.