Wicca Runes and Their Representation

Wicca Runes and Their Representation

There are multiple types of runes and everyone can create their own runes, they don't necessarily have to buy them in stores. Wicca runes are much easier to handle than Viking runes because when we see each image reflected in them, something always comes to mind to talk about them.

Originally 8 runes were created from these, and over time 5 more runes were added for a total of 13 Wicca runes. With these runes, we make runs which must have knowledge of each of the runes to be able to practice the runs that are not more than the readings of a coherent and accurate form of the runes, for it also besides knowing each rune we must have at least two objectives or verbs depending on the runes that correspond for a correct interpretation.

Wicca Runes and Their Representation

Spears Rune

Spears Rune or Roads Rune (represented by a cross with lances points at each end) can represent when we have two or more difficult decisions that have equal value of importance, they are not options that can be taken lightly. It also tells us that at any time we must take one path or the other. Now in a negative way, this indicates fights, enclosures, therefore, this rune is a little negative.

Moon rune

Moon rune of the (represented by a moon) represents the feminine power of women, change, intuition, femininity, and everything that evokes the female sex. In a negative way, it indicates confusion, doubts, stress, whatever can be hidden in the night.

Sun Rune

The Sun Rune (represented with a sun) indicates to us the fortune, the family, the success, the happiness, birth of children, progresses that are initiated with the good foot, familiar warmth of a home, this is a rune of prosperity, when this rune leaves it cuts almost all negative energy that is present therefore it is a positive rune.

Waves Rune

The waves rune or also known as the Snakes Rune (represented by forms of waves) this rune represents the family, friends, changes, transfers, many movements that have to do with the friendships, new friends who enter your life, visits to nice people with whom we feel comfortable. On the other hand, it can also mean false friendships, betrayal, or people who are not what they seem.

Rings Rune

The Rings Rune (represented by two intertwined rings) gives the meaning of love, commitments, empathy with another person, new projects, great bonds, signing of contracts, agreements - everything that refers to this if done correctly and above all honest.

Scythe Rune

The rune of the scythe (represented by a scythe) represents sudden changes and endings, final decision making, completing tasks by walking away from something or someone, also represents danger. It is the heaviest rune and the one that has more negative connotations than the rest of the runes.

Birds Rune

Birds Rune (represented by the birds flying silhouette) means unexpected news, movements, flying high with our dreams or business and this can be very positive but can also be negative as many times you can be flying higher than you should.

Harvest Rune

Rune of the harvest (represented with the silhouette of a species of flower with a stem) represents to us to what his name wishes us to harvest what we sow if you do good actions, you act in a good way, correct, honest you will harvest good fruits, you will have good rewards, but if you do bad actions then you will harvest bad vibes and you will have an imminent punishment.

New Wiccan Runes

Up to this point we mentioned and explained the oldest runes, the ones that exist from the origin of Wicca. Now the runes that were added with the passing of time are the following:

Woman Rune

The Woman Rune or Feminine Rune (represented with the silhouette of a body of sticks) basically represents everything that has to do with femininity. It can be the love of a person, charisma, character, shyness, depending on the type of point of view or context that takes the reading this has its meaning.

Man Rune

The Man Rune (represented as an arrow) this refers to both physical strength and will power to exercise any task, work also denoted as the protection of family, territory, and the advancement of a life project little by little.

Eye Rune

The Eye Rune (represented with one eye) this refers to the perspective of how we see things, clairvoyance, power of deduction, intuition on the positive side can have these connotations now on the negative or neutral side we have that means the things we leave in the past either for good or bad, the things we forget and do not want always leave a consequence in our lives and that of others.

Star Rune

Star Rune (represented with a star) is very similar to the rune of the sun that represents success, power, but unlike this one is a rune of hope, everything will be given at the right time and in the right measure.

Heart Rune

Rune of the heart (represented with a heart) at first sight we see that it is clearly the rune of romance, of love, but we must keep in mind that it also denotes what is the whim or excessive love that is not positive, it is usually used as a more negative than positive rune.

Now we can talk a little bit about what we do with runes or how we work with them so to speak, this action is called throwing away. The first thing we do is to have a specific question so that the reading is more real or precise, then we fix a circle on a table we take all the runes with the hand and we move them to throw them in that circle and the runes which fall inside and upside down are the ones we proceed to read, the ones which fall outside the circle or upside down are not read.