Wicca with Candles

Wicca with Candles

Into the Wicca religion, different elements are essential to make the rites and rituals. However, there is an element that independently of the religion has a huge power at the time to make spells, incantations, and other kinds of magic. That element is the candles that can have different meanings according to their color and use.

The candles are used in the Wicca rituals in different ways to attract positive energies. However, the candles also are used to represent the elements of the altar Wicca like the air, earth, fire, and water. Besides, the candles were for a very long time the only source of light beyond the light of the sun and the moon. For this reason, the candles have become a symbol for different generations and cultures. As much that even the candles are used in the birthday cake to make a wish.

The candles Wicca are the most elemental and easy kind of magic. For this reason, it is the best way for beginners in Wicca religion to start in the way of the magic. For the beginners, it is important to understand that the candles are in the magic like messengers.

The candles start in a physic form and with the pass of the time, the fire consumes them and takes your requests and spells to the spiritual realm. However, despite the candles are a kind of simple magic, it does not mean there is nothing to know and learn about this mystical objects.

How do the candles represent the elements of Wicca?

We can find all the elements of the Wicca religion in the candles, for this reason, the candles are the best symbol of the Wicca religion. The first element we can describe of the candles is the wick that is stick to the base of the same and it represents the element of the earth. It also shows us that it is necessary to have a connection to the earth for the flame burning in every sense.

Then there is the wax that is the structure of the candle. But, the wax also has its meaning because the wax changes from a solid phase to a liquid phase. In this way, the wax of the candle represents the element of the water.

Besides, the candles also represent the air because we have to remember that the fire cannot exist without the existence of the oxygen which is the main element of the air. Also, we can see the presence of the element of the air over the flame of the candle with the smoke. Of course, we cannot forget the element of the fire that does not need any kind of representation because we can see it clearly on the flame.

There is a fifth element that sometimes people forget that is the spirit, and we also can find the spirit in the candles. The spirit in the candles appears when we make some wish, petition, or spells. In this way, the candles inside their simplicity can contain all the elements of the universe and be the perfect representations of the belief of Wicca.

The color of the candles matters.

Besides the proper features and properties of the candles that we already explained, we also can have different powers and uses according to their color. In the different cultures, the colors have different meanings and in the Wicca religion, the colors of the candles also have their use. In this way, it is important to know the meaning of the color of the different candles to use the proper candle in the spell we want to make.

Despite you can use a white candle or any color you want, if you use the color you want, your spells also can work. But, you must consider using some colors over others according to the spell you want to do to make it more effective.

Traditionally, the red color always has been related to love, passion, and health. In this way, if you want to use the magic to improve your health or the health of someone special for you, the red candles are more adequate for you. Related with the red there is the pink that represents love too, but this is a love sweeter and less sexual. For the attraction and stimulation is more common to use the orange candles.

On the other way, leaving the colors related to the love behind, we can find the golden candles that are used in the spells to get prosperity in business and improve the gains of your job. However, green candles also are used to get better financial gains and abundance. But, if you are more interested in power and ambition, the purple candles are what you need.

Besides, there are other colors of candles with more deep meanings like light blue which means patience and understanding. But, if we talk about a dark blue, the meaning is depression and vulnerability. Otherwise, the yellow candles mean protection and persuasion. But, if you are looking for a candle to use it for a spell that involves animals, you have to use the brown candles that also are very close to the earth's spells.

Despite there are a lot of colors of candles for good energies and works, it does not mean there are no candles to represents dark energies because the black candles mean negativity and banishment.

In this way, we can see there are a lot of colors of candles according to the work you want to do. But, you have to consider the size of the candle too because some spells need the candles to burn for 5 or 7 days. Also, some spells need the candle burn quickly and if you choose a candle too big, you are going to wait too much until the candle finally burns. Besides, it is important to use a new candle, because the candles can catch the vibrations and energies of the environment, and if you use a used candle, the vibrations the candle catch could ruin your spell.