Wiccan Magic, Take Action

Wiccan Magic, Take Action

Wiccan Magic, Take Action

Wicca is a neo-pagan religion cultivated by the occult writer and anthropologist Gerald Gardner in 1950. It is a devotion deeply connected with nature, respect, and responsibility, as well as the belief in reincarnation and the dualism represented by the archetypes of a god and the goddess.

This religion tries to remake as faithfully as possible the pretexts and beliefs of the Celtic tribes of the areas corresponding to Great Britain that differed from the Celtic tribes of the western area. Wicca was developed in an agrarian environment, hence the great importance is given to everything related to the harvest, nature, the environment, the sun, and moon, etc.

At this time if you were not in favor of nature you basically died because there was no food. The human need to understand and comprehend the environment around them gave rise to the pagan rites. The different gods of these primitive religions represented archetypes of nature necessary for human persistence, women had a fundamental role and that is why she was consecrated and exalted almost as sacred. Beyond the young men who went out to hunt to protect the territory, accompany the elders, etc. The one who had the fundamental role was the woman because without the woman there was no life. Many pagan tribes had to maintain their beliefs and rituals in complete secrecy similar to what happened in their time to Muslims and Jews, because of this terrible secrecy the Druidic and Celtic religions were not codified.

Between the 11th and 18th centuries, the so-called holy inquisition took place in which thousands of people were killed and cruelly tortured, all under the pretext of heresy which is similar to what is happening with the Islamic state and Jihadism (under the term kafir).

There is much debate about whether Wicca is witchcraft or not, but we must remember that witchcraft has nothing to do with black magic, however, there are Wiccans who say it is witchcraft and others that disagree. Throughout the history of mankind, there have been different teachings, doctrines, esoteric pretexts, occultists, and even witchcraft, however, in modern times the first codex considered witchcraft has been the book of the law by Aleister Crowley. It is due to this assimilation between Aleister Crowley and witchcraft that this belief that witchcraft is black magic has increased even more, however, the neo-pagan traditions that are so closely related to witchcraft say the opposite.

Wicca Foundations

Wicca is a religion that defends a peaceful and harmonious way of life in divine unity with everything that exists, existed, and will exist. Let us say that the Wiccan philosophy encompasses the whole of the sunrise, the glow of dew on the leaves, the drops of rain on the face, Wicca is summer and it is winter, the warmth of the sun's rays, it is the song of the birds and the fruits of the trees, it is the lunar cycle, it is life and death. Wicca advocates a powerful connection with nature.

Based on several archaeological discoveries there are many Wiccans who reaffirm that Wicca dates back to the Palaeolithic. This pays homage to the one that would be the fusion of the masculine and feminine principle, this divine force does not subject the universe, it is the universe, but because the human mind is incapable of understanding these abstract and anonymous principles it has become polarized in yang anarchy that would be the god and feminine yin energy that would be the goddess, when we speak of feminine and masculine energies or of god and the goddess we do not speak of man and woman but of energetic polarities such as black-white, light, darkness, etc. Some Wiccans accept this god and this goddess with different deities from different pantheons including the Egyptian, the Greek-Roman, or the Viking. The god is associated with the sun and the goddess with the moon, as it regulates the menstrual shekels and that is why they are given so much importance in these neo-pagan religions.

Witchcraft and Its Relation with Wicca

In ancient times, witchcraft was called the craft of the wise, since anyone who decided to walk these paths was very connected with nature and knew how to handle herbs, ointments, potions, etc. They carried out the work of shamans, healers and counselors, these "witch doctors" tried to transmit the message that the human being is not superior to nature but connected to it, we are part of it and there is nothing that separates us from other living beings, everything is in perfect harmony forming a great whole, as well as the Taoist doctrine about the Tao, that if it is part of the Wicca is a spiritual ideology that promotes the will and the free thought of the individual. Another principle that stands out in Wicca is the responsibility, we must fully accept responsibility for each of our thoughts, our words and our actions, every decision we want to make or that does not create a consequence whether we want to see it or not.

Wicca teaches us that we should not blame any entity outside of ourselves for how well or how badly our life is going. Wicca in essence, despite what it may seem, is not about paying lip service and worshipping pagan gods, but about taking action in our lives. There are indeed Wiccan spells and potions but spells should be directed towards healing, love, balance, inventiveness, and knowledge and potions should be directed towards healing the physical, mental and spiritual body. Wicca believes that the god of everything and the goddess exists in everything around us this means that we should consider absolutely everything around us as divine.

However, this religion has not had an impact as other religions such as Christianity, which is one of the largest in the world, since there is still little information about it. Also, the people who are devoted to this religion are people who lead a normal life trying to maintain their balance between nature and themselves.