Wiccan Sigils for every day use

This is one of the easiest disciplines in magic and occultist arts and affairs. Sigils are a very useful resource in order to accomplish many different goals. Its use is very simple and approachable. Anybody can create a sigil to get anything done. It is not completely necessary or mandatory to belong to any worship or occultist religion.

 However, the use of sigils is very common among Wiccan parishioners. Since it was formulated, the sigil resource is a simple demonstration of magic powers and advantages. Nevertheless, it has a complete working method, but again, it is not something complicated. It is also a very used technique by many people all over the world.

To understand how this technique works, first we must know something about its story and the first processes of explanation.

            The first approaches

The occidental culture of magic and occultism is based on two main values: will and imagination. These beliefs have started to gain popularity during the end of the 19 th century and the beginning of the 20 th century. During these years, heretic and occultist cultures were at their highest peak, thanks to the popularization and even triumph of materialist positivism. Many currents like Decadent Movement and the Expressionist art were one of the most important expressions of these rejected beliefs.

The history of sigils is starred by an amazing wizard of the time. His name was Austin Osman Spare and he is considered the father of sigils art. He was born in London in 1886 and he wrote many books talking about occultism and magic methods.

However, symbols associated with magic qualities and purposes come from a long time ago, even after the Spare work. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa used some special sigils to identify each one of the planetary intelligence. Also, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn uses many sigils as soul images, without describing its developing process.

            The Spare method   

Spare designed a complete system of designs in which there are no incorrect or wrong sigils. The system is based on a phrase or a word that expresses the wish and the will of the wizard, and then, using some of the letters of that phrase or word, we start to draw the sigil that lately we will remember to get our wish done.

The word system used by Spare to create sigils is very simple to understand. Again, this is a technique that can be used by anyone. It is not necessary to be inside any occultist worship or congregation.

Thanks to The Illuminati of Thanateros, which is a sect for occult purposes, the art of sigils have evolved throughout history. Although the sigils methods are different depending on the practitioner, here is the most accepted system:

            The creating process  

Every wizard must have a particular purpose to make a sigil. In Wiccan cultures, most of the intentions are related to spellings of luck, protection, love, money, and/or healing. After choosing a word or a phrase that involves the intention or the wish of the wizard, it must be written on a piece of paper, to easily design the sigil. Remember that sigils are single images that feed on attention and thoughts.

After deciding a phrase, we must write it in a paper in capital letters. Then, we erase the letters that are repeated into the word or phrase. If the phrase is too long there are two different ways to get a sigil from those words. You can whether separate each word and draw a single sigil per word or just mix all the words into one single drawing. Both ways work and it only depends on your creativity.

After successfully creating the sigil, there are two more steps to accomplish after getting the process done. First,  you have to think about the sigil to activate it. Since sigils feed on thoughts and the attention you put on it, the more you think about the sigil, the more power you are giving it. But be careful: too much power on the sigil may produce that you lose control of the symbol, and it may cause several problems.  

The last step is destroying the shape of the sigil that you drew. After this, you must internalize the sigil and then forget it. Spare says that this way the symbol remains embedded in the subconscious because that is the place where the sigil accomplishes its final activation. These are the basic instructions written by Spare to correctly creating a magic symbol.

            Sigils in Wiccan cults and beliefs

These figures represent an elemental part of the Wiccan worship. Many preset sigils are a global rule for any occultist. One example of these sigils is the symbols of the Moon Goddess, which represents the three moon phases: growing, full, and waning. This figure is a female picture that symbolizes the three stages of a woman’s life.

However, some people dedicate are dedicate to create sigils to give it to other persons. This is a common method to acquire a sigil and many Wiccan parishioners say that this technique works very effectively. Everything depends on the will and the imagination of any single occultist practitioner.

Still, many defenders of ancient paganism, occultism, and even witchcraft say that the best way to get results coming from this system is by creating the sigil by yourself. This is because a sigil is an extremely personal affair, like an intimate connection with your inner senses, energies, and thoughts.

            Sigils in other cultures

Since this is a so easy and approachable way to access magic issues, many cultures and beliefs have adopted this method to their teachings. From catholic churches, passing through Buddhism, paganism, Islamism and many other religions use symbolic representations for many different purposes. Most of these beliefs use the sigils to invoke the power of celestial and almighty deities that according to each religion are the rulers and creators of our world and our universe. Knowing the name and seal of an entity, means having power over this.