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Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
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Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet
Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life | Best Amulets | Cool Amulets | Amulet

Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life

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Magic Power Ring, Wizard Ring, with the  power of the 7 spirits, control your life

This must be the most complete and powerful ring we created so far. This special ring of Abraxas can help you in so many ways you would find it hard to believe. Just take a look at the reviews and see for yourself how many people have got great benefits of this ring of power.

What can this ring do for you?

If you want to control all aspects of your life you need the Ring of Abrasax. This Ring of Solomon has some very old energies embedded that were almost lost to human knowledge.  This special design combines the powerfull 7 Genii with the AX abbreviation of Abrasax or Abraxas for increased protection and power.

What can this pendant do for you?

The Olympic Spirits and  their power are capable of everything:

Arathron has several powers that will benefit you greatly.

  • He is capable of working in past, present and future. This will help you deal with issues from the past. Fixing them so they will not have any negative effect in the present.
  • He is also great in everything that has to do with nature, growing plants, abundance in harvests, and knowing the healing properties of plants
  • His third main power is protection of your house or other buildings

Bethor one of the Spirits with most useful powers

  • Bethor is an excellent spirit for obtaining justice. If you are in a dispute, he will make sure justice is done. Great for court issues but also in disputes with family or friends
  • Wisdom is another of the main powers of Bethor. Knowing which action to take is not always a matter of the mind. Bethor will let you know with his infinite wisdom what is the best course of action in any situation
  • The 3rd main power of Bethor is the fact that he will procure abundance. This means abundance in health, Love, Wealth, Friends, Properties, Power, Protection and so on. This is one of the boosting powers for the other spirit powers

 Phaleg the boosting spirit

  • Phaleg procures peace. If you are in a turbulent situation, he will help you calm the harsh emotions and create an environment of mutual understanding.
  • Phaleg , as Bethor is also an expert in justice, solving discussions and providing justice for all
  • If you need personal protection, Phaleg is the spirit to talk to. He is a powerful protector of young and old, men and women. He protects against physical, mental and spiritual attacks. This spirit is also the protector of practitioners of magic.
  • His energy powers boost the powers of all other spirits making them more powerful and intense.

Och 2 important powers

  • The first power of Och, the ruler of the sun is the capacity to procure wealth. He attracts wealth and abundance for the person who honors him by wearing his amulet
  • The second main power is the capacity to heal. Och will help you heal yourself and other on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

Hagith The spirit with most powers

  • Anything that has to do with love, hagith will do it. if you want to find true love, reenforce your relation, fix a relation, bring a lover back. Hagith can do this
  • Hagith is also a spirit that gives you sexual attraction, stamina and sensuality
  • Artists and creators also benefit greatly from the 3rd power of Hagith. This incredible spirit enhances your creativity on all levels.  No matter if you are a painter, writer, singer, dancer, or whatever you do as a creative person, Hagith is the spirit to turn to.
  • If you are looking for social popularity, you will need his 4th power. Hagith bestows Grace so people will find you cute, pleasant, graceful,  attractive and so on
  • The next incredible power of this special Olympic Spirit is his capacity to enhance beauty. Not only physical, but also internal, spiritual beauty.
  • And finally the 5th main power is to provide happiness. No more dark days, sad moments or sorrow. Hagith will turn them into the opposite.

Ophiel the binding power and special for psychic abilities

  • Ophiel has 2 main powers which are very important. The first one is to enhance psychic abilities. If you are a medium, empath, tarot reader or holistic healer, this special power of Ophiel will help you a lot.
  • The second power of Ophiel is the magical power that will enhance all magical abilities you might already have but also of other amulets you wear.

Phul for divination and combining powers

  • Phul makes the right combinations of the powers of all other spirits needed for each situation. No need to worry what spirit to turn to. Phul will do this for you.
  • The second power of Phul is Divination. He will bring you the messages you need to take appropriate action but will also transfer your wishes to the other Olympic Spirits.

This is a summary of the main powers of the 7 Olympic Spirits, they have other, less important powers but what is most important is the fact that the combination of the 7 in this wonderful amulet boosts the amulets power by 100.

This amulet can do absolutely everything you might wish for. It is not instant. This is not a pill, but they will work fast, on every aspect of your life. If there is one amulet you would like to get, GET THIS ONE. No other amulet combines so many spirits and energy.


      The top and bottom phrase on the amulet are in latin and say:

      Abrasax potestate est mecum. ego autem spirituum iubes
      the power of Abrasax is with me. i command the spirits

      Semper Ad Meliora
      Always for the better

      All of this and much more can be done with the ring of Solomon / Abrasax. You don’t believe me? Just take a look at all the reviews we have for this ring and that is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have this special energy in amulet or lapel pin. Just check them out. If you ask me, I would get the 3. Ring, Amulet and pin. In fact these are the 3 I wear every day.
      A great sterling silver ring with the sigil of the Olympic spirits and Abrasax engraved and our special consecration session to make sure it will work for you.

      The only thing you have to do is wear it. Nothing else, promised. You don’t have to offer or sacrifice anything. Abrasax and the olympic spirits will always be with you to help you.

      Handmade jewelry – Sterling Silver The Ring of Power, allso called the Ring of Sortiarius or  Ring of Amon Ra is used for activating the incredible powers of the 7 spirits to achieve all your goals. This ring is an exclusive design made by Springhawk after many days of meditation and consultation with his spirit guids and the help of a very old grimmoire.

      Each pendant or ring has been dedicated to the owner and can not be used by other people. Therefore, it is very important that you tell us your exact details so Master Sortiarius can complete the special consecration ritual. Tell us when ordering:

      Your full name
      Date of Birth and place where you live

      This ring has very special symbols and meanings in it.

      The triangle represents the past, present and future, which means that the wearer of the ring can influence these (very usefull in Reiki sessions) It also represents the body, mind and spirit. This gives the wearer great power over the people he or she interacts with. Mant Reiki masters use this ring for healing as they experience increased sensibility and energy boost for the benefit of both the master as well as the recipient.

      But this is only the beginning of this ring's power. The 7 symbols on the ring represent the 7 Olympian Spirits. Each of them a spirit of great power. They are little known but they are here to grant you your wishes.

      The combination of these 7 spirits will make you able to fullfill all your wishes. They can work apart or together for you. All depends on how you invoke them

      Finally, the central spiral is callled the vortex of power. The spiral has been found in all  cultures, all over the world since the beginnig od human life. The spirals are used to indicate and invoke very special and powerfull energies. Since the spiral is placed inside a triangle and the triangle inside a circle, the true  meaning and use of this is to invoke any type of energy with the help of the 7 spirits to be used on physical, mental or spiritual level in the past, present or future.

      Ring size conversion table

      All our ring sizes are US sizes.
      Depending on your country, you might need to use the conversion table you can find here.