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Special Amulets

Special amulets, talismans and pendants for men and women. Custom, handmade sterling silver and stainless steel

Magic Ring with the power of 7 spirits to enhance your life

€59 €65

133 of 200 Sold

The most Powerful Pendant of Abraxas to control your life and achieve all you need

€27 €37

96 of 100 Sold

Powerfull Abraxas Amulet to control your life with the Olympic spirits

€20 €25

89 of 100 Sold

Altar Tile - Occult Gatekeepers of Hell - Summoning Key Pad for Satanists - Energy workers

€45 €52

93 of 100 Sold

Reiki Symbols Pad for Reiki for cleaning and aligning - Energy workers

€45 €52

94 of 100 Sold

Ring of Lilith to Empower yourself with the powers of Lilith


173 of 200 Sold

Master Talisman to Increase your Personal Power

€29 €37

93 of 100 Sold

Ring of Abraxas to achieve a better and happy life

€59 €65

177 of 200 Sold

Powerful True Love Amulet for men and women

€57 €60

185 of 200 Sold

Key Of Solomon Fourth Pentacle Of Mercury Stainless Steel Necklace knowledge & understanding in all things


1018 of 1100 Sold

Third pentacle of jupiter Key Of Solomon Pendant


756 of 800 Sold

Ring of Paimon with Secret Enn and Sigil for binding others to your goal


178 of 200 Sold

Key Of Solomon Seventh pentacle of jupiter has great power against poverty

Sold Out

The Soldiers or Warriors Amulet for Protection and Braveness


179 of 200 Sold

Personalized magical pendant with your personal power seal for all your needs

€185 €199

89 of 100 Sold

Key Of Solomon Seals Of The Seven Archangels Stainless Steel Necklace

€15 €22

396 of 400 Sold

Key Of Solomon First pentacle of jupiter Stainless Steel Necklace for acquiring treasure and for gaining business.

Sold Out

Key Of Solomon Seventh pentacle of saturn Stainless Steel Necklace to make others listen and tremble before the words of the wearer.


795 of 800 Sold

Ring of Vepar with Secret Enn and Sigil to help with Levitation


180 of 200 Sold