Special amulets, talismans and pendants for men and women. Custom, handmade sterling silver and stainless steel

Special Amulets (16)

Customizable True Love Amulet for men and women


Demon Ring for Money - Sigil Inspired - Mammon Silver Ring


Magical Amulet Abraxas Talisman control your life with the Olympic spirits


Amulet Pendant Necklace - Master Talisman - Increase your Power


Occult Gatekeepers of Hell Summoning Ritual Pad for Satanists, Energy workers or Spiritual guides


Magic Power Ring, Wizard Ring, with the power of the 7 spirits, control your life


Unique Spiritual Gift Card - special energy gift - Be special to someone


The Soldiers or Warriors Amulet for Protection and Braveness


Magical Amulet Personalized jewelry, personalized magical pendant with your personal power seal for all your needs