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How to become an Ambassador of World of Amulets

What does it mean to be a beta tester or ambassador at World of Amulets?

The Beta Tester

You will be part of the team; as a beta tester you will receive products to test. This might be amulets, rings, crystals or initiations. Every time we need to test some amulet or spirit initiation we will sent you the product and you will send us evaluation forms every 7 days for max. 5 weeks. After the evaluation is completed, you can keep the item and apply for a new test. You can only test 1 item at the time to make sure the energies don’t mix. Sometimes you can choose the product to test, but on other moments we will select the product for you, depending on your experience and time spent testing amulets.

The Ambassador

An ambassador or influencer promotes our products or services on social networks, YouTube, blog and other platforms in exchange of a financial compensation. Which is established at 15% of each sale made through the ambassador’s personal link. These links can be directed to products, videos or articles. The more links and ambassador uses, the more people will click the ambassadors link, the more sales.

The Crown Ambassador

When the sales generated by an ambassador pass 5000€/month, he or she becomes a crown ambassador earning 25% from each sale. The rest of the program is the same as the ambassadors.

How do we select beta testers and ambassadors?

Everyone can sign up as a beta tester when this program is available. The only requirements are:

  1. Complete successfully an initiation
  2. Send the initiation evaluation forms every 7 days for 3-4 weeks
  3. Write English, Spanish, French or German.

Once this process has been finished, the future beta tester will get an invitation which allows access to the team group on Facebook.

In this group we post the amulets and alignments or rituals that need testing. The team members can apply directly in the posts. The beta testers who are selected for a particular test will receive the amulets or rings with testing instructions by mail and start the test, sending an evaluation each 7 days for max. 5 weeks, depending on the item.

Sign up as a beta tester using the link below



To become an ambassador, you need to comply with the following:

  1. 18+ years old
  2. Having a PayPal email for payments
  3. Having at least one social profile with +5000 followers
  4. Or having your own blog/website
  5. Actively promote products and articles from the WOA official site

Additional options:

  • You can create your own content with your special link and post it to our site.
  • Create videos on YouTube, tiktok or others with your special link on it.

Any innovative ways of promoting your personal link must be submitted to the WOA team for approval.

Crown ambassador

These are real specialists in promoting the WOA products and services. The program works the same as the regular ambassador but each month the sales generated by the ambassador hits 5000€, he or she becomes a Crown ambassador and will earn 25% instead of 15%

To sign up as an ambassador, fill in the form below.