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Amulet Pendant Necklace - Master Talisman - Increase your Power


Amulet Pendant Necklace - Master Talisman - Increase your Power - Supernatural pendant - Supernatural Jewelry for spiritual healers, energy workers, reiki masters, clairvoyants, spell casters, witches, mages

Sometimes you feel your spells, sessions or healing work is just not enough? You can't seem to fix the problem? You are low on energy after your energy work? You have difficulties connecting?


It can happen to all of us. So that is why we created a special amulet pendant that will help you focus and amplify your energy beyond your belief. This amulet will save you time because your sessions will be a lot shorter. It will increase your success rate because this special amulet will amplify the energy your are already using at such an extent you won't give credit, thanks to the 7 Olympc Spirits (phul, Ophiel, Aratron, Och, Bethor, Phaleg and Hagith) and Abraxas.

These powers are older than mankind and incredibly powerfull. This amulet can be used for all spiritual and energy work. It meassures 30mm and comes in stainless steel or sterling silver. It's very similar to the amulet we use at TERRA INCOGNITA for our sessions.

Each talisman comes consecrated by us to the purpose you give to us when ordering. Just let us know:

Full name
Date of Birth
Main purpose for the amulet