Amulet of Lucifer, Lucifer sigil,
  • SKU: AN-016

New Special Amulet of Lucifer to control your life, let the light of Lucifer Guide you


Lucifer, also called the morningstar is the spirit that lights up your life. He is the one that you need if your life is a mess, if the problems keep piling up, Lucifer shows the end of the tunnel and helps you find a way out. The misghty Lord Lucifer can resolve your problems and bring the light back in your life.

Lucifer can eliminate all problems, uncover all lies, let you see the whole picture and help you take the right steps to resolve your situations, for once and forever.

You just need to wear the Lucifer amulet, nothing else. No sacrifice are needed nor difficult rituals or practises.

The amulet has a special engraving with the special secret Enn to call Lucifer as well as some special binding sigils.

The amulet has a diameter of 35 mm. and you can choose between different options like material and the activation of the amulet.

Material: Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver
Options: Activated (we activate the amulet for you) or without activation.

Get your Lucifer amulet today and let the morningstar guide you on your path