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Satanic Jewelry, Demon Ring of Belial for jobs, business and promotion, this is the problem solver
Satanic Jewelry, Demon Ring of Belial for jobs, business and promotion, this is the problem solver
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Ring of Belial for jobs, business and promotion


This special silver ring for solving business problems with the sigil of Belial is perfect for

• Are you struggling in your business or career?
• Not getting the Job promotion you were working so hard for?
• Your boss isn’t noticing you?
• Your clients don’t respect you’
• No one is coming into your shop?
• Want to take your business to the next level, but you feel blocked?

I hear you, about 10 years ago I had the same problem until I came across Belial in our spiritual sessions.

The discovery of the powers of Belial was a real game changer. We started out with summoning sessions but this took a lot of time. The results were there but it took away too much time. That’s why we decided to create the ring of Belial, consecrate it and wear it all day.
That was the moment things really started to change big time. We got lots of clients, my career got to unknown heights and we all benefitted very much from this special ring. Finally, after 1 year of using this ring we decided to make it available to everybody. So here it is.

A great sterling silver ring with the sigil of Belial engraved and our special consecration session to make sure it will work for you. The ring also is engraved with the special summoning enn of Belial. The only thing you have to do is wear it. Nothing else, promised.

You don’t have to offer or sacrifice anything. Belial will always be with you to help you.
It will take about 21 – 28 days for the ring to adjust to you, but after that you won’t believe the great things that will be happening to you.

Belial is one of the fallen angels that were entrapped by King Solomon. It is noteworthy that this demon is only second to Lucifer in hell. He is said to have been created side by side with Lucifer. He is the 68th demon listed as one of the kings of hell within the Lesser Key of Solomon. He commands 80 legions of lesser demons as well as 50 legions of spirits. Other texts suggest that he has dominion over between 50 to 80 inferior demons

Another point of note is that this demon has been mentioned multiple times in various religions. For instance, Judaism perceives him as the father of lawlessness and pagans whilst Christianity portrays him as the angel who convinced Lucifer to rebel in heaven. Christianity also portrays him as another manifestation of Satan in other texts. There are also instances whereby he is portrayed as the father to Lucifer within Christianity. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs also make allusions to him.

His trappings are said to consist exclusively of wealth, sex and pollution of the sanctuary. The religion actually portrays him negatively referring to his followers as necromancers and wizards.

It is conceivable that he is very powerful being a king of hell and only ranked second to Lucifer according to the War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. More specifically, he is one of the 4 crown princes of hell taking command of the North Crown.

He is said to embody the animalistic and carnal urges of humanity. He is able to induce any person into sin, especially of the sexual kind. He gives excellent familiars and can delegate senatorships.
This demon is able to grant titles and presentations – this is his office. In this regard, he can be put to great use in the present day through assisting with job promotions.
He is also able to attract favor on the part of the conjuror – another especially useful attribute in the present day. He is also able to reconcile friends and enemies and induce friendly sentiments.
He is able to provide familiar spirits to aid the conjuror in their other workings. These are described as lesser spirits which function as quasi-servants to the conjuror.
He is perceived as the tempter of mankind and can only be compelled to tell the truth under the threat of divine names.

Materials: sterling silver

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