Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us with our contact page

All our amulets are crafted in Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver. This metal is the best for binding energies to it. Some amulets are only offered in sterling silver because it’s the best for the energies embedded


Yes, they are both the same. The reason for the 2 versions is that some people have allergy for steel items so they can choose the silver one. The silver amulets have the same diameter but are a bit thinner and therefor a bit lighter.


The best way is to wear the amulet touching your skin. That way it will interact with your energy in a more effective way. This is specially true during the first 28 days of synchronization

Yes, that will not interfere with it's powers


Yes, you can. This will not interfere with it's working

All amulets are charged when shipped if you selected this option when purchasing. After a while, depending on the intensity of it's use, you might need to charge them again (charging is not the same as activating, the activation and first charge is done by us) To charge the amulet you can place it outside during a full moon for as long as possible (at least 4 hours) or you can use a charging pad like the archangels pad or demon pad 

Nobody can touch the silver and steel amulets with their hands, this is very important because the other persons energy can be transferred to your amulet. If this happens it can be wise to have a cleaning/charging pad at hand. If you don't have one, let us know and we will do the cleaning from a distance.

In case someone touches your amulet with their  hands, please contact us for a re-alignment.

Each amulet and spirit is different but there are some basic rules that apply to all. This video will tell you all about it


All our amulets are powerful, everything depends on what you need it for. If you have many areas in your life where you need improvement, i would recommend the abraxas amulets or ring. These are extremely powerful and work all areas.

You can see them all here: Abraxas Amulets

Yes, the grimoire will amplify your working possibilities when the initiation is finished. You will have more options because the grimoire has several special mantras for specific situations.

All our rings are crafted in Sterling Silver. This metal is the best for binding energies to it. 


No, all rings are sterling silver only and always activated

Yes, you can. You can wear the ring (amulets too) while you swim, go to the toilet, take a shower, have intimate relations etc.. It will not interfere

All rings are charged when shipped. We don't sell non activated rings on our official site.  After a while, depending on the intensity of it's use, you might need to charge them again (charging is not the same as activating, the activation and first charge is done by us) To charge the amulet you can place it outside during a full moon for as long as possible (at least 4 hours) or you can use a charging pad like the archangels pad or demon pad 

In case of a ring, there is no problem and being touched while shaking hands for example will not affect the powers embedded in it. Other people may touch your ring as long as you wear it. If you don't wear it, the same applies as for the amulets

No, all other energy work can and most likely will interfere with your initiation and will get the energies mixed up

No, unless you are a specialiist in magic and know what you are doing. Some spirits can be initiated at the same time because their energy works the same but these are exceptions. Stick to 1 initiation at the time, finish it and take the next one. If you have 2 or more amulets or rings and one of the is Abraxas and te 7 Olympic Spirits, we advise to start with the Abraxas one. It's powers when synchronized will also serve to boost the initiation and powers of other amulets

Initiations are a personal connection with a spirit. Spirits are energy beings and therefor it is very difficult for them to manifest themselves in a physical plane. You will receive the spirits support and guidance through meditation or dreams. Only very few people are sensitive enough to see the energy form of a spirit , like some of our masters. Don't worry. If you completed correctly the initiation, the spirit will be with you.

An initiation, alignment or attunement is a very personal and direct bond with a specific spirit so this spirit will help you achieve what you need. After the initiation, you will receive a specific and personal power word that allows you to call upon the spirit to state your wish, ask for guidance or councelling. This is a unique bond between your energy and the spirit's.

Initiations are the most powerful when accompanied by the spirits grimoire and an amulet, ring or permanent offering

This is the deepest way to work with a spirit and get results

No, unless you are using the same spirit. For example an initiation with Belial and wearing a ring or amulet of Belial during the synchronization phase. Only expert masters can do different spirits at the same moment. Don't do it because the energies will mix and the result will be different from what you expected.

We don't endorse this accept in the case where you know for sure that the other amulets or rings have not been activated. In that case you can wear them together without a problem. You might be lucky and our amulet activates the other one. This is possible when both are for the same spirit, for example our lucifer amulet and the sigil amulet of lucifer from another vendor. This happens sometimes but we can not guarantee this.


No, because we use a specific protection design that won’t let the energies go out of control. All our demon and other amulets are completely safe to wear.

Creating a new amulet can take years but once we have an amulet that has been testing and found effective we still need about 1 - 10 days to get it ready for the client depending on the energy calendar. We try to activate the item on the best day and hour.. The first step is to physically create it, after that we need to cleanse it from all energies and afterwards the amulet must be consecrated to the owner. The consecration ritual depends on the type of energy, owners request and the perfect day and time for the energies to be at full potential so they can be bound to the amulet and the owner.

Once you receive the amulet or ring, give it some time, up to a couple of weeks to adjust and create a symbiosis with your energy.You can start using your amulet or ring after the 28 days of synchronization. Start with small wishes and let the power build up

The spirits have there own way of doing things. They are a lot more advanced than we are but there are a few things that can delay the process.:

1) You try to push them to work faster. That's a big No No. The spirits can not be pushed, ordered around or blackmailed. Let them do their thing and they will take care.

 2) You did not take action. The spirits prepare the conditions but you need to take the action. Since they have no physical form, they can not interact in physical things. Let me give you an example: The spirits are like a farmer preparing the soil for planting vegetables.They even put the seeds and make them grow. But you will have to take care of the plants. If you don't collect them at time, they will go to waste.

3) You are disrespectful or you show no gratitude towards the spirits. They will stop working for you and there is no way to make them change their opinion afterwards.

4) You are not realistic in your petitions to the spirits.

The spirits can do a lot but they can not make you fly, see through objects, have the strength of 20 persons, etc... I am sure you are getting my point here.

Yes they can, if you pick the right spirits and make the right petitions. The problem with money is that the spirits don't know what money is because it means many different things for many people. Here is a complete article about why money amulets only work for the wise

No, the sacrifices for activation are done by us. And please don't ever offer blood to a spirit. They dislike it and will stop working for you. If you want to offer something as token of gratitude for a petition they have realized for you, use feelings like love or gratitude. Fresh water, wine, sweets, plants, incense, etc... can also be used.

If you are serious about working with the spirits and speed up things, we recommend you use permanent offerings like tiles, a box, paintings, a mantra flag, etc...

Initiations are also recommended as well as the specific grimoire (spell book) for your spirit.

No, they couldn't care less if you are Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Muslim, etc...  The spirits couldn't care less about man-made religions. They are pure energy.

No, all our amulets are completly safe to use. In some cases however they might attract another spirits because of the energy they hold. This is very rare but it can happen. These spirits that are attracted by the power of the amulet can't do any harm but might make you feel uncomfortable

To us there is no black magic, white magic, heavens magic or demon magic. We prefer to call them all just magic or energy manipulation or ordering. Everything is energy, putting labels on it will only create an undesired duality which will lead to classify them as good or bad. There is no such thing as good or bad magic. Energy has no duality. We use the energy that works the best for each case. In case it does not matter which energy to use, we offer the following: Angel/Archangel energy, daemon energy, Olympic spirits energy or Reiki. These are the main energies we use, but we also use nature spirits energy, celestial energy and eon energy. The type we will use depends on the case at hand.

An offering is a way to convince a spirit to work for us. You can provide an offering before or after your wish has been fulfilled by the spirit.

A temporary offering is something you offer only once like fruit, sweets, wine, incense, burning a candle, etc..

A permanent offering is an item that will stay over time in honor of a spirit. This can be an altar tile, a praying flag, an art work or a magical box.


Don't worry. We take care of it. Just send us the cleansing and reactivation form and we will take care in 24h

We will let you know whhen to take of the amulet and within 24h you can use it again.

Here is the form: activation service

This special charging and cleansing pad is only for demon related objects like amulets or rings. It can not be used for other energies. This pad is made of stainless steel with a special engraving of the Kings of Hell. When your amulet or ring becomes contaminated by other energies, you might need to clean it so the pad keeps working 100% for charging objects. This is a very simple ritual. Since the pad has been activated by us for these purposes you don't need to do anything special. Just place the object on the pad and leave it there for 9 hours. After this period, the object you placed on it is completely free of any energy that doesn't belong to it.

There are 2 different pads. You can see the right procedure for each of them here:

Demon Pad

Angelic Pad

Most people do have very positive experiences when working with amulets but others are making one or several of the most common mistakes when working with these incredible energies.
It's not your fault, it's just you didn't know. We try to give an answer to the most common questions in our FAQ you can find here, but i am going to explain the most common mistakes people make.

  1. Disrespect
  2. Impatience
  3. Hostile environment
  4. Unrealistic
  5. Incompatible energies
  6. Control your emotions
  7. Wrong offerings (like blood)

Check out all the details here: Mistakes to avoid

No, you must stay within the limits of the spirit's powers. You can not ask Buer for a job because he is a healing spirit

Make obtainable wishes. Don't ask to become a vampire or have the strength of 1000 men. Common sense rules

Don't ask for big wishes when you start. The energy needs to build up to go along with your wishes

Don't wish any harm for other people as this will backfire and come after you.

Don't use magic to control people. Magic is not to be used to make men or women brainless slaves of someone. It will not work. Magic can not be used to force people to do something they dont want

They are all equally powerful. Wearing a ring or amulet is a personal choise


The use of a grimoire is not the same as an initiation

if you are initiated to a spirit, the best day to summon the spirit is his personal day and hour, but AFTER the initiation has been completed. There is no need for a initiated person to call upon his spirit every day. We indicated the best day

If you are using a grimoire, you should repeat the mantra every day until you get results because you didn't establish a personal connection with the spirit. You will need to repeat it as many times as needed. All spirits are available every day but their best moment is indicated in the initiation and if you are initiated you should call him on his day and hour.

A witches box is a permanent offering and can be used in 2 different ways.

The first one is to protect your magical tools and jewelry from residual and external energies that might interfere or contaminate them.

The second one is to house a servitor.


We accept: paypal, all major credit cards, and in Spain: bizum. We don't accept Western Union or Pay on Delivery

I  don't accept refunds on activated amulets, rings, downloads or other items in our store 


We are not responsable for orders of wrong ring sizes. We have a table of conversion here
Contact me in the 14 days after delivery for changes
Return the items within 30 days after delivery
I do not accept cancellations
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem with your order.

The following items can not be exchanged or returned
Due to the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I do not accept returns of:
Custom orders
Perishable products (such as food or flowers)
Digital downloads
Intimate articles (for health / hygiene reasons)

Situations can happen. Sometimes a wrong or incomplete address or not picking up the package after first delivery attempt will return the package to us. Since these are mistakes made by the customer we will hold the customer responsible for all costs endured like customs fees, shipping fees and handling fee. We will ship the package again after fees have been payed.

World of Amulet uses 2 ways of shipping:

  • 1) International Certified Mail
  • 2) DHL Express shipping

International Certified mail has tracking at the beginnig of the shipping, untill the package leaves the country and at the end, when the package leaves your local international distribution center for delivery. During the covid-19 pandemic, the time of delivery can be anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks because of the many sick and confined people, affecting also your local postal service.

DHL express shipping takes between 3 and 6 days (some remote areas can take 8 days) Shipping is in real time. When the package changes route, you will receive a notification directly from DHL. For this to happen we need your email and telephone number. Without them you can not use DHL.

Delivery time depends on the place you live and the shipping method.

If you choose standard shipping, we ship by international certified mail which requieres signature and comes with tracking. However tracking stops when the package leaves Spain and must be updated by your countries postal services after the package clears customs. Custom procedures can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the country.

If after 4 weeks you have not received the package, contact your local postal office with the tracking number you receive when we ship the item. If they have not received the package, contact us so we can start an investigation together with the spanish and your local authorities.

If you choose express shipping, the package will have live tracking and custom procedures should only take a few days.


If you suspect that your package has been stolen you must go to your local post office. They can provide you with the details of delivery , location and person who signed for it. If they can not provide this information i suggest you file a police report for theft and send this report to us so we can consider legal action and we will prepare a new order for you.

Without the police report there is nothing we can do about this.

If after 4 weeks your package has not arrived, please send us a message so we can investigate the issue. We send a claim to the courier who will track your package. If they can not find it, they will contact your countries postal services to do the same. As soon as the investigation finishes we will take proper action. Lost packages are replaced and send again free of charge. Stolen packages need a police report from you so  we can take legal action against the person who stole it.

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We stand behind all our products. They work. With a combined experience of over 75 years of our team we can stand behind this claim. In case you are not satisfied, you have 2 weeks to return the item and you will be fully refunded.

In case your package is lost, we will send you a new one.


We are a team of 6 practitioners of magic with a combined experience of over 80 years in all forms and types of magic and rituals. We create these amulets based on our experience to help people worldwide to better their lives. Part of our benefits are donated to charity to keep balance between energies. The only visible persons of our team of 6 are Carlos and Peter, they are the ones taking care of the website and customer service. Recently we hired 2 more persons to help them with this task. Peter is a Master Sortiarius himself so he can help you with all your questions.

If you have a question that has not been answered in our FAQ or you need to an answer to a personal question, you can always contact us with our contact for which you can find here: Contact World of Amulets Team

There are 3 different ways which we will explain in this video that will keep them bright and shiny

If your amulet or ring turns black very fast it is because you have a high ph factor of your skin. In that case we recommend to paint the amulet or ring with transparent nailpolish. This will prevent it from turning black


If you are the proud owner of one of our rings of power, it is important to know how to wear it correctly.

First of all, which hand?

Both hands are fine. If you have to choose , go for your dominant hand

Which finger? 

All fingers are ok. The best finger however is your left hand ring fingerbecause it connects with the heart chakra.

Facing where?

All rings should face away from you. You should not be able to read the mantra or see the sigil correctly.

We explain it all in this Video