1. Witchcraft signs and auguries

  1. Should you be the subject of a deep depression of spirits, contrary to your usual constitutional buoyancy and liveliness, it is a sign that you are about to receive some agreeable intelligence.
  2. If the crown of your head itches more than ordinary, you may expect to be advanced to a more honorable position in life.
  3. Should the hair on your head come off when combing in greater quantities than usual, it is a sign that you will soon be subjected to severe affliction.
  4. If your right eyebrow should immoderately itch, be assured that you are going to look on a pleasant sight—a long-absent friend, or a long-estranged but now reconciled lover.
  5. Should your left eyebrow be visited with a tantalizing itching, it is a sign that you will soon look upon a painful sight—the corpse of a valued friend, or your lover walking with a favored rival.
  6. A ringing in your right ear, is an augury that you will shortly hear some pleasant news.
  7. A ringing in your left ear, is a sign that you will in a short time receive intelligence of a very unpleasant nature.
  8. When your left ear tingles, some one is backbiting you.
  9. A violent itching of the nose, foretells trouble and sorrow to those that experience it.
  10. An itching of the lips is a sign that some one is speaking disrespectfully of you.
  11. When you are affected by an itching on the back of your neck, be assured that either yourself or some one nearly related to you is about to suffer a violent death.
  12. An itching on the right shoulder, signifies that you will shortly have a large legacy bequeathed to you.
  13. When you feel an itching sensation on your left shoulder, be sure that you are about to bear a heavy burden of sorrow and trouble.
  14. If your right elbow joint itches, you may expect shortly to hear some intelligence that will give you extreme pleasure.
  15. Should you be annoyed by a violent itching on your left elbow joint, you may be sure that some vexatious disappointment will be experienced by you.
  16. If you feel an itching on the palm of your right hand, you may expect soon to receive some money which you have been long expecting.
  17. When the palm of your left hand itches, you may expect to be called upon to pay some money for a debt which you have not personally incurred.
  18. An itching on the spine of your back, is a sign that you will shortly be called upon to bear a heavy burden of sorrow and trouble.
  19. An itching on your loins, is an indication that you will soon receive an addition to your family, if married; if single, that you are on the eve of marriage.
  20. When you are affected with an itching of the belly, expect to be invited to feast upon a choice collection of savory meats.
  21. When either or both of your thighs itch, be assured that you are about to change your sleeping apartment.
  22. If you have an itching sensation in your right knee, depend upon it that you will shortly undergo a remarkable and beneficial change in your previous course of life, and become religiously inclined.
  23. If a similar sensation prevails in your left knee, you may expect to undergo a change in your situation of an unfavorable nature.
  24. An itching sensation on the shin, foretells that you will be visited by a painful and long-continued affliction.
  25. When your ankle joints itch, be sure that you are about to be united to one whom you love, if single; if married, that your domestic comforts will be largely increased.
  26. When the sole of your right foot itches, you may feel assured that you are about to undertake a journey from which you will derive much pleasure and enjoyment.
  27. Should you experience a similar sensation on the sole of your left foot, you may expect to be called upon to take a journey of an unpleasant and melancholy nature.