Reiki and Meditation

Reiki and Meditation

The combination of Reiki and Meditation can bring harmony and peace. Reiki brings life force of energy and meditation is a state that brings harmony and peace to the mind when it is alert yet still. Reiki affects the subconscious state of mind whereas during Meditation mind is totally aware of the present state.  Both methods when combined can render benefits and serve as ideal compliments to each other. Reiki meditation can let you experience a quiet and calm state of mind. The energy rendered through Reiki meditation is healing and loving. Reiki meditation involves symbols and mantras.

The technique involves several steps through which you can master it.

Following are the steps:

  • Cleansing the System
  • Chakras Forces
  • Healing through hands
  • Conclusion

Cleansing the System:

The first step is to clean the whole system by lying down comfortable on a mat while keeping your back straight and try to be relaxed and calm. Keep yourself composed and take a deep breath and imagine you are inhaling all the goodness that you require and exhale out the negative thoughts, emotions, depression, anxiety and fear. You need to repeat it a couple of times. In this way your whole system will be cleaned and your body will become relaxed.

Chakra Forces:

The second step is to invoke the chakra force. There are major seven chakras in your body starting from the base of spine to the top of head. These chakras are the energy centre of your body. You need to place your hands in front of your body at each chakra and hold the position for few moments. The time depends on the requirement of your body. Listen to your inner self and determine your requirement. After removing your hand feel that your hands are the best source to build the connection with your body and listen to it. Through your hands imagine that force of the universe is entering your body and chakras are the medium to pass through this energy. You will feel your body rejuvenating and go into a state of deep relaxation.


Healing through hands:

Third step is to heal through your hands. You need to place both your hands on top of your head and try to listen to your body with attention. Breath slowly and intensely to remove all the negative thoughts and inducing positivity into your system. After this place your hands on the forehead and back of the head and then reach your throat and hold this position for some time and get relaxed. Repeat this with back of your shoulder, chest, ribs, stomach, lower abdomen, hips, knees, and feet. At each step feel the energy vibes flowing through your body.


Take your hands back in the prayer position and place your hands on chest and then sit straight. Breathe normally and hold this for at least 5 minutes. The process of healing is now complete and you will definitely feel the energy.

Reiki meditation will relax your mind, reduce stress, increases visualization, raises consciousness, it heals post surgery condition, cure maladies, and removes energy blockages. It is a self-development and transformational tool.

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