Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing

Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing

To understand the relation and effect of chakras and Reiki you first need to understand what chakra is. There is a spiritual body resides in your physical body and chakras are a part of that. They are the entry gates of the Aura and are the centre of activity that assimilates, receives and express life force of energy. Chakra is Sanskrit word which means wheel or a disc. Chakras are responsible for physical, mental and spiritual functions of the body. Chakras absorb energy from the universe, celestial entities, from people and even things and then transmit it back to all of these.

The number of chakras varies in terms of their effectiveness and functions. Total number of chakras is 88,000 in human body which cover almost every part of human body. Majority of chakras are small and insignificant. 40 chakras are significant and important in terms of functioning. These 40 chakras are in hands, feet, shoulders, and fingertips.

The most significant ones are seven main chakras which are being located in the central line of body starting from the crown chakra located on the top of head, brow chakra in the centre of forehead, throat chakra at the top of breastbone, heart chakra located in the centre of chest, solar plexus located between the ribcage and navel, sacral chakra located in the lower abdomen, and base chakra located near the base of spine. These seven chakras are located in ethereal body and express spiritual energy on the physical plane. These chakras are vibrating and rotating constantly and their activities affect and influence body shape, chronic ailments, behavior, and glandular processes. When one or more than one chakra is blocked the harmonious flow of energy through them is halted hence this will result in imbalance in all aspects of life.

Each chakra is expressed in one of the endocrine glands in the physical body. These endocrine glands are responsible for regulating emotional and physical processes in the body. This is a strong connection between chakras and body functioning. Imbalance in any chakra will end up causing imbalance in endocrine glands associated with it.

You can assess chakra using your hands or a pendulum. You can certainly balance out the chakras through Reiki healing, color therapy, yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, aromatherapy, wearing healing stones, eating certain foods associated with chakras and physical exercises. Positive thinking and crystal healing also affect chakra balancing. The most important one is Reiki healing which focuses primarily on seven major chakras in energy healing. Reiki healers now use chakra system as they provide an in-depth and more detailed energetic map of the body. Healers can easily focus on the points that require energy the most. Seven major chakras also provide specific Reiki treatment for physical ailments. Chakra healing is also extremely effective for spiritual and emotional treatment as they are aligned closely with the aspects regarding mental wellbeing. Reiki practitioners also use emotional symptoms to diagnose or determine the blockage in the chakra system by focusing energy on that specific area.

Each chakra contains different elements, foods, colors, and asanas associated with it. In conjunction with Reiki treatment you can speed up healing process by incorporating these elements in your daily life.

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