Reiki Attunements and Symbols

Reiki symbols and attunements are considered somewhat old school Reiki tradition and these should be kept as a secret and must be known only to those who have initiated Reiki at level two.

Nowadays Reiki symbols are all over the books and internet available for all. The symbols that have been used in Reiki possessed no or less value before Reiki initiation. Information regarding these symbols is also quite less. Reiki students have been learning these symbols that possess psychic ability and then use them. Reiki initiation has rendered power to these symbols.

Reiki symbols are like keys that open door to the higher states of mind. People with Reiki expertise can actually see them as buttons and when you press them you get a result automatically like you are pressing a button of a machine. These symbols override the precognition of users instantly that distance healing cannot be done. These are the interesting and essential part of Reiki practice. Symbols originated from Japanese Kanji and the names are taken from Japanese language and they actually improve the flow of life force energy.

Reiki attunement is extremely essential for symbols. Symbols possess no power without attunement and symbols can only accomplish their anticipated purpose with the power of attunement. During the process of attunement the energies of the symbol enter the mind and get connected with the appropriate symbol. After attunement process the energies are activated and flow of energy is adjusted accordingly. Symbols used without attunement will be failed to render any effect. Symbols affect the subconscious mind of practitioner and open doors to higher level of manifestation and awareness.

You can simply activate these symbols by drawing those with your hands in the air and imagine or visualize them in your mind and pronounce their names loudly. You can just simply think about them. When practitioners become advanced they can activate the symbols automatically when required.

There are three Reiki symbols which are important during level two. These include Cho Ku Rei (power symbol), Sei He Ki (emotional and mental healing symbol), and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (distance healing symbol). 

Cho Ku Rei (Power Symbol)

It increases the power of the flow of life force energy and can be used any time during a session. Mostly it is being used in the beginning to get power boost and in the end to pack up all the energies. It also renders protection on all levels, extremely beneficial for spot treatment, create a positive atmosphere and render power to other Reiki symbols. It also helps in enhancing both personal and business relationships.

Sei Hei Ki (Mental healing Symbol)

It is a peacemaker and harmony symbol that balances both left and right sides of brain and brings peace to it. It improves memory, heals mental problems like depression, nervousness, heals addiction to smoking, and drugs, helps finding lost objects, and heals headaches caused due to mental illness.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Healing Symbol)

It is used to send Reiki to places at distance and it removes the barrier of distance whether it is across room, across town, or even across borders. It helps in treating future events, heals the past, keep the body, spirit and mind in harmony and channelize the energy to distant people.

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