Wiccan Rituals and Spells

Wiccan Rituals and Spells

In the Wiccan religion, it is customary that new people who want to enter this religion are informed that they must be very well informed about what it means to be a Wiccan, they must study well or at least understand the principles, foundations, and rules, before wanting to be initiated into the Wiccan world. After understanding this you can proceed to what is traditionally done as the initiation ritual which is also not strictly necessary to be a Wiccan.

Wiccan Rituals

One of the initiation rituals is "to serve life itself and nature, to be its companion always and to enjoy it without doing harm to anything". There are different types of initiation rituals, but they all have the same essence. Some people prefer to do these rituals at a specific time, for example, some do it during the day to represent the sun god, others at night under the moon as it is represented by the goddess and mother, it can also be at the end of the morning and beginning of the night when the sun goes down and the moon goes up, or vice versa, to represent both the god and the goddess.

The person has the freedom to choose the day of the initiation. As it will be an important day of celebration, many await the sabbats or esbats, and also birthdays. After defining the day of the celebration, days before they must prepare with the tools and materials that will be used for the ritual either plants, robes, significant objects, etc. Once the day of the celebration arrives, it is recommended to take a purification bath using bath salts or flowers.

A circle can be made with protective flowers or nice smelling flowers of your preference, some people like to do it with fruits, stones, colored candles as they see fit. Once the ritual has begun, it should not be canceled and it can be continued later. You can also use tools to represent the elements such as a fan for the air, a cup with water, candles for the fire and a pot for the earth, although it is recommended to do the ritual by a river in the open air to be in direct contact with nature.

As for the attire, there is a group of people who wear tunics and others who like to do it naked as they consider it more natural. For the presentation before the gods, you can make a poem, song, or write a text and read it to make yourself known and announce that you will be their son or daughter and you want to receive their blessings. To make an offering to the gods you can place flowers, you can also eat foods that you like very much, sing, dance, and celebrate that you are in the initiation ritual. Once everything is finished, you should pick up everything and leave it as it was before, ending the initiation ritual.

Every sabbat and esbat a ritual of celebration is practiced to give thanks according to the day of celebration for example yule that celebrates the winter solstice representing abundance, Samhain that can be the day more recognized by the Wiccans for being the day of Halloween where the end of the cycle of the year is celebrated. Also, Beltane celebrates with rituals referring to the last fertility of the year. And so each of the sabbats and esbat.

Wiccan Spells

The spells can be found in some Wiccan books. Also knowing the history and principles of Wicca we could create our own spells and test them to see their effectiveness before offering them or sharing them with others. Some examples of these spells can be:

  • Put garlic powder in your driveway to keep out bad vibes.
  • Put a mixture of cinnamon and salt in the four corners of your home to prevent theft.
  • For people who think someone has cast a spell on them, they can try a coffee exfoliant before taking a bath to cut or break any spells on them.
  • Decorate the room with rosemary leaves to avoid or ward off bad energies. Rosemary also has a pleasant smell and is also used to set the mood of the room.
  • Add lemon to drinks for protection.
  • When cleaning our energy we must remember to recharge them with positive energy as we can contract negative energies again.
  • Cloves are good to give courage in difficult moments, we can have them in a bag in our pocket or in a garment.
  • Place two sprigs of mint on the desk or work area to attract more work.
  • Use rosemary incense when there is an illness to help it heal faster.
  • Use amethyst crystals in jewelry stores to recharge your energy.
  • Saying positive prayers every day when you wake up such as saying that it will be a new day of great success and abundance in work and life.
  • Adding a spoonful of cinnamon to your tea or cinnamon to bring luck into your life.
  • Always carry a crystal loaded with positive energies.
  • When you feel that there is very heavy energy in a room, you should hang a garlic braid at the entrance to the room.
  • The black and white candles can serve the same purpose as white quartz and amethyst.
  • The crystals can be cleaned with the smoke of any incense.
  • If you wish to smoke cleanse you must always remember to open a window to let the bad energies out of the place, always remembering to reload the place with positive energies so as not to let those bad energies in again.
  • With an aloe vera plant tied with a red thread, it is hung behind the main door of the house to absorb the bad energies and warn you if they want to make you witch.

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These are some of the most popular spells and rituals of the Wiccans, but in their books we are sure you can find many more.