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Amulets and Talismans On Sale

Metatron Cube the Flower of Life Pendant Necklace with Sacred Geometry


11885 of 11900 Sold

Lucifer Morningstar Satanic Pentecost Coin

€4 €5

16748 of 16800 Sold

Nordic Runic Runes Amulet Viking Bracelet


47684 of 47700 Sold

Stainless Steel Saint Benedict Medal Cross Charm


17999980 of 18000000 Sold

King Solomon Heptagram Talisman Necklace


104 of 200 Sold

Men's Necklace Sigil Of Lucifer Satanic Symbol


1980 of 2000 Sold

Angel Amulets

Unique Grand Seal of the Archangels and Olympic Spirits Pendant

€37 €41

91 of 100 Sold

Special Amulet of Archangel Michael - Divine Protection - Limited Edition


84 of 100 Sold

Archangel St.Michael Protect US Shield necklace with wings

€8 €10

1483 of 1500 Sold

Archangel Talisman St. Michael Amulet Pendant for protection and security


97 of 100 Sold

Seals Of The Seven Archangels Pendant Choker


3627 of 3700 Sold

The Solomon Seal of the Seven Archangels


285 of 300 Sold

Buddhist & Thai Bracelets

Handcrafted Silver Tibetan Buddhist Dorje Bracelet


98 of 100 Sold

Handmade Silver Chinese 12 Animals Beads Bracelet


89 of 100 Sold

Original Blue Tiger-eye Wealth and Fortune Bracelet

Sold Out

Silver Tibetan Six Words Proverb Beaded Bracelet

Sold Out

Original Feng Shui Pixiu beaded Wealth Bracelet


178 of 200 Sold

Handmade Silver Tibetan Beads Bracelet with Six Words Proverb

Sold Out

Buddhist Rings, Thai Rings and Fengshui Rings

Silver Ganesha Ring

Sold Out

Tibetan Buddhist OM Mantra Spinning Ring

Sold Out

Silver Lucky Elephant Tibetan OM Mani Padme Hum Ring


99 of 100 Sold

Silver Tibetan Pixiu Proverb Ring for Good Luck & Wealth


96 of 100 Sold

Handmade Silver Tibetan OM Mani Padme Hum Ring

Sold Out

Handcrafted Silver Tibetan Prayer Wheel Ring

Sold Out

Buddhist, Thai & Fengshui Jewelry

Silver Ganesha Ring

Sold Out

Tibetan Buddhist OM Mantra Spinning Ring

Sold Out