Fudo Myoo, the great protector also called Acala or Budong Mingwang

acala buddhism Budong Mingwang fudo myoo immutability Japanese Buddhism protection protector Shiva The Immovable

Fudo Myoo (不 動 明王), "The Immovable", Sword of violence and wisdom. It is one of the fierce deities of the wisdom of Japanese Buddhism. He is depicted surrounded by flames and is identified with the Budong Mingwang of the Chinese. He is also called Acala

He is classified among the vīdyārāja, or kings of wisdom, and belongs to the Myo-o. With his right hand he wields a flaming sword to sever the head of evil, and with his left he grasps a rope to raise his allies afloat. It is located in the center, among the other four gods located in the four cardinal points.

He is represented surrounded by flames because he fights against evil in Hell itself.

It is also one of the names of Shiva to which it lends many characteristics. Called "servant of ascetics", he wears an eight-petalled lotus on the upper part of his skull, holds in his right hand a sword with which he cuts obstacles and, in his left hand, a rope that symbolizes concentration and concentration. Allows you to join hostile forces upon awakening.

He is often depicted in a wrathful manner with his face convulsed with anger. It´s canines are prominent, the right pointing upwards, symbolizing heaven and spirit, the left downwards, earth and matter. A raging aura of fire surrounds him completely (peaceful deities have an aura similar to a sea at rest). He sits on a large rock that symbolizes his steadfastness and unwavering determination. Represents immutability.

A particular form: Kurikara Fudo, represents him in the form of a dragon wrapped around a sword

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