Crystal Powers from A to C

Crystal Powers from A to C

Agate: This stone is made of tiny flecks of quartz in ribbons. It is waxy and soft and always translucent. It helps to build self-confidence. Also, it helps with left and right brain balance.

Amazonite: This stone is representative of prosperity. It helps to open the heart, throat, and solar plexus chakras. It increases your self-esteem and helps you to communicate better.

Amber: Clear or orange petrified tree sap is the charm of this stone. It helps in past life work. The stone gives the person mental acuity, confidence, and a balance in their thinking. It can help with depression and bringing forth a positive attitude.

Amethyst: This stone is for dream recall. It can help enhance psychic abilities. It reduces nightmares when worn at bedtime. It is considered the master healing stone.

Aquamarine: This beautiful stone has the calming energy of the sea. It can be used for protection when traveling, particularly if you will be on water. It helps to clear blocked communication and assists in verbal wording.

Beryl: This stone helps in filtering out distractions, relieving some stress, and can help to bring peace to your mind. Most times, these stones are used for harmony and balance.

Bloodstone: So named because this stone was at the foot of the cross where Jesus' blood dropped on it. It is used for calming and tranquility. It attracts good luck and is correlated to honesty and integrity.

Calcite: This crystal comes in many vibrant colors. It is used with the joints, cleansing the organs, and helping with memory. This stone will keep you anchored and help you feel comfortable no matter where you may be.

Citrine: A versatile stone, this one is mostly used for mental and emotional clarity and memory issues. It never has to be cleansed of negative energy, because these stones are quite positive. Most importantly, it can help us rid those negative feelings and assist us in accepting events the way they are.