Why you should cleanse and charge your jewelry and crystals before wearing it

Why you should cleanse and charge your jewelry and crystals before wearing it

All objects and living beings are made of pure energy with a very specific vibration as is proven by the quantum theory. These vibrations fluctuate and energy is transferred between objects and persons. This means that both high and low energy can be transferred. This is something that can be done unconscious or in a conscious way (by doing rituals or reiki for example).

When we cleanse or charge our amulets, rings or other objects we do the charging with the vibrational energy of the Olympic Spirits, Archangels, Guardian angels or other spirits. This is a conscious process, but what happens when you purchase a piece of jewelry or a crystal from a regular shop or another person?

As each person has a particular energy vibration, which depends on our mood, emotions or mental state, our vibration fluctuates and we pass it on to the objects we wear or touch. So if the person who touched the object before us has a low level energy vibration, he or she will pass it on to the object. The moment we start wearing this piece of jewelry or crystal, we will be influenced by the previous energies as they are stored in the object.

This can cause us a lot of problems like depression, bad mood, aggressiveness, lack of money, unhappiness, problems with concentration, unhappy love live, breaking up, and so on.

Have you ever felt a big dip in energy by being around someone who is very negative? or feeling overwhelmed when entering a house?  this is because of the vibrations they transmit. Objects like jewelry or crystals do the same, especially because gold, silver, steel or gemstones are very prone to absorb these energies. This is why we advise our clients that nobody should touch their amulets.

Imagine a ring you got at the local jewelry store which has been touched by 6 persons before you, each one transferring its energy to the ring. This could cause you some real energy problems for you if the ring is not cleansed before wearing it.

Now how can you cleanse and charge the objects?

The first part is the easiest one. Cleansing the object can be done with salt water and leaving the object in it for 24h (best to use sea water) After that you can charge it for 8 hours in full moon light. This is a charge with moon energy, not an energy that has a specific goal. If you charge for a specific goal like money, you will need the help of a specialist in charging.

You can also use a cleansing and charging pad. The pad cleanses and charges a lot faster (9h for cleansing and 5 – 15 minutes for charging. With the charging pads we offer at World of Amulets you can charge the objects with Archangel, Demon or Olympic Spirits energy, or you can use our cleansing and charging service for more specific goals like for example wedding rings. We have done a lot of cleansing and charging for couples who wanted a loving and lasting relation. In these cases the rings were charged with very specific energies like Lilith, sitri, hagith, etc…

I want to share a very specific case with you where the cleansing and charging solved a lot of problems.

We received a petition for our service from a person in Paris. He got a ring and pendant from a friend who bought them at a metaphysical store. They were unique and expensive pieces.

As soon as he started to wear them, he got strange dreams, lost appetite, his relation with his parents and wife deteriorated and he lost his job. This happened over a time span of 2 months.

We did the cleansing and charged the ring and pendant with the energy of the Olympic Spirits and all his problems got solved in 13 days. His relation with other people improved a lot, he found another and better job, he could sleep again without the weird dreams and recovered his appetite.

This is just 1 example of the power and influence of energies. We see these problems every day and most people are not aware of it.

Take a look at yourself, ask yourself: what pieces of jewelry am I wearing daily? What crystals or stones do I have close to me all the time, etc… They might be causing you problems without you knowing.

Now you know the possible cause and you have it in your hands to solve the problem. Either you do it yourself as explained before, use a cleansing and charging pad or ask us to do it for you.

We can charge your object with the energies of the archangels, daemon spirits, Olympic spirits, Reiki energy and other types of spirits (one only or a combination of 2 – 3)

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