Crystal Powers M to O

Crystal Powers M to O

Malachite: This stone has a steady flow of electromagnetic energy. It is used in healing and can clean the auric field by absorbing negativity. Place in all four corners of a room to cleanse of toxins. The stone must be cleansed daily. It will also help to amplify the positivity in your life, so use when you are feeling down or depressed.

Meteorite: A solid brown to black mottled stone, it helps with greater awareness of your surroundings. These stones are in tune wit the cosmos' energies and can help raise our own energies to a higher level.

Moonstone: This stone comes in a variety of colors. It honors the Goddess in all women and also aids in dieting, meditation, and Psychic awareness. It can help give us greater flexibility and calmness in our lives.

Nephrite: This stone has creamy type colors. It has a steady energy and helps to mellow one's existence. It can also assist the wearer in ridding themselves of negativity. It is a protective stone and helps the body filter out any toxins.

Obsidian: This stone is formed when hot lava is poured into water. It has a strong grounding property and reduces the need for escape from life. It help to dissolve anger and fear and converts it t flexibility.

Onyx: This stone helps to balance and ground the wearer. It is used for centering the person to connect with higher powers. It can help to banish grief and enhance self control. It also brings balance to the body and good for people under mental and emotional stress.

Opal: This sparkling stone amplifies feelings or buried emotions. It gives us the ability to be more spontaneous. It is a very fragile stone and will crack in the sun. It can also help to balance the left and right brain.