Is there a male god of love?

Is there a male god of love?

In Greek mythology, Eros is the male god of love and desire. Eros was considered the primordial god of love and was said to be responsible for the attraction between all living things. He is often depicted as a winged youth, and is associated with love, desire, and sexual attraction.

Eros was considered a god of love and desire, and was often associated with the power of attraction and the desire for intimacy. He is also considered to be the god of desire, attraction, and love affairs. He was said to be able to make gods and mortals fall in love with each other.

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the equivalent to Eros. They share many similarities and attributes in their myths and legends.

It's worth noting that in Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the concept of love was not limited to romantic love and attraction, but it also included the concept of desire, attraction, physical and emotional love, and friendship. Love was also considered a powerful and sometimes dangerous emotion that could drive individuals to make irrational decisions and take extreme actions.

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